How to I get Bigger Forearms?

9 Steps to Great Forearms

cryptocurrency trading platform Having muscles are great. But, if you want to draw attention to them, you should target the areas that are most visible. Your forearms are one of these. So here are some steps you can follow to build great forearms.

1.) Purchase or create a set of curling weights. Make sure they are not very heavy.

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2.) Choose the right weights for you. Start with at least 3 pounds and gradually increase the weights according to what you can handle.

3.) Make a workout schedule. This is important because you need to repeat your workout regularly if you want the best results. Try to exercise at least 10 to 30 minutes daily.

4.) Select exercises that put emphasis on the wrist and forearm strength. You can do wrist curls if you want effective muscles but including full curls are also helpful to maintain the balance of your arm strength.

5.) Hold your weights with palms facing up, elbows on your side and forearms at a level. Upwardly rotate your arms and let the weights fall back down with ease. Do sets of several repetitions according to how much you can tolerate.

6.) Hold your weights with palms down, elbows on sides and arms at your front level. Reverse the curl described in number 5 by pulling up the weights and letting them down slowly to reach a hanging position. Perform sets of several repetitions until you feel fatigue.

7.) Think of joining a club or gym to take advantage of advanced exercise equipment that work on certain groups of muscles. Also, you will have access to a professional trainer by enrolling in a gym.

8.) Select various exercises you are comfortable of doing.

9.) Use a gyroscope like a Powerball. This helps build forearm muscle and are fun at the same time.

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What are the Best Exercises for Big Shoulders?

Best Exercises for the Shoulders

Buying and trading cryptocurrency Developing your shoulder muscles is an essential part in having a proportionate and attractive physique. The reason being that additional shoulder mass gives you a look of strength and offers you plenty of health benefits. Moreover, powerful shoulders help you prevent many injuries for as long as you perform the exercises in good form. Here are some of the best exercises that you can perform for great looking shoulder muscles.

1.) Barbell Shoulder Press

You can do this in two ways. One is the traditional method wherein you lift the weights behind the neck. The second one is to lower the barbell in front of your face just until it reaches the top part of your chest and raise it back again. You can perform these workouts using a barbell but you may also use a specific type of machines designed for this exercise.

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2.) Dumbbell Shoulder Press

This can be performed in any bench with back rest. You simply have to sit down holding one dumbbell in each hand. Then, use your thighs to get yourself in position. Raise your dumbbells up to reach ear level while ensuring that your palms are facing forward. Push your dumbbells upwards and lift them up until they are fully extended on top of your head. Lower back your dumbbells up to your ear level.

3.) Arnold Dumbbell Press

how to trade cryptocurrency This is a common and well known variation of the dumbbell press. You perform it just like the dumbbell press with the one single exception that you begin with your palms facing inwards and your arms placed on your side. Then, you push the weights up, extend your arms and slowly rotate them so that your end position has both of your palms facing forward. Put back the weights down as you rotate your palms to the beginning position.

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Useful Types of Muscle Supplements

Workout supplements have different ingredients that categorize them into several types. This article will talk about the different kinds of muscle supplements that are considered to be most useful and the reason that they work.

Weight Gain Supplement

This supplement is mostly for the purpose of helping those individuals who want to reach their ideal weight by adding to their pounds. The ingredient for weight gain is added to a usual workout supplement. If you want to know if your supplement has this property, check at the calories it provide. The higher the calories it gives, the more pounds you will gain by taking it. Thus, if you are already on the heavy side, steer away from this type of supplement.

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Energy Boosters

Ingesting an energy boosting supplement prior to your workout will help you maximize the effects of your exercise. But, some of the contents of energy boosters can be strong to the liver. If you have liver problems, make sure to seek your doctor’s advice. Always remember not to take more than the manufacturer’s recommended dosage of this supplement.


Muscles are nourished by protein. You can get sufficient amounts by eating meats such as pork and beef. However, take note of the timing of your meals. Fish and milk have protein but they are less effective in muscle development. Because of this, you need to increase your protein intake by taking supplements. You have to take about 1 to 2 grams of protein for each pound of your body weight every day if you goal is to increase the amount and size of lean muscles that you have.


Creatine works by enhancing the ATP, an energy source of your muscles. This means that when you take this supplement, you can perform more repetitions when lifting higher weights. As a result, you will grow more muscles.

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What are the benefits of Creatine and Does it Work?

Benefits and Adverse Effects of Creatine

Creatine is an element that naturally occurs in the human skeletal muscle. It can be easily obtained from fish and meat. Once it is taken, it travels to the muscles and increases stored energy by making ATP easily accessible. Increased ATP levels give extra energy boost during hard physical activities that is why the body is assisted in making new muscles.


Aside from indirectly enhancing the growth of muscle fibers by enabling frequent weight lifting, the main advantage of creatine is its ability to increase the volume of the muscles. This is attributed to its water retention effect. Muscles that are fed with creatine have a tendency to hold water and store it which results to higher volume. During the initial introduction of the supplement, there will be a slight addition to your weight of around 5 to 10 pounds every month.


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But, this is not due to increased lean muscle or additional fat. This is actually caused by fluid retention. Once the intake of the supplement is stopped, the gains in volume will gradually decline. However, the increase in muscle strength and fiber will stay.

Adverse Effects

Since creatine is a widely used supplement various researches have already been conducted about it. Most of the studies showed that there are no real hazards to the intake of supplement. However, if you are concerned about gaining extra weight, you might have to prepare yourself for this before taking creatine. But then again, note that the weight gain is only due to the liquid you retain and not to additional fat stores or lean muscle mass. Also, some individuals who have taken creatine have reported cramps in their abdomen, nausea and discomfort. Others also claimed that they were dehydrated after taking the supplement. All these possible side effects can be easily remedied by simply taking enough amounts of liquid.

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Pump-bol Glycerin Based Preworkout Supplement


Similar to many other pump supplements that are glycerin-based, PUMP BOL is a hit or miss. But, oftentimes, it has a successful hit rate. If you want to have SuperPump MAX that does not contain stimulants, then PUMP-BOL is right for you.

This also does not contain proprietary formula. It is also a good mix of nitrates although it does not contain so much. The nitrates will definitely aid with the pumps but it does not really contain sufficient amount just like NO3 Chrome or Yok3d. But that is fine because this supplement is all about GlyceroPhosphates inside.

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The new content that you see in this supplement is Palitinose, which is a sugar replacement. It is still considered as carbohydrates and is completely digested but it has a very low glycemic load since it takes slow to digest in the small intestine thereby causing the blood sugar to increase and crash.

This supplement is still worthy to consider because of the maltodextrin it contains.

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Omega Sports Ultima Preworkout Supplement Review

Omega Sports Ultima

There are some big differences between Ultima and other products.

Ultima is considered as more of a traditional supplement taken before a workout that does not contain stimulants. While the two others are for the purpose of pumps, Ultima has other purposes like long term muscle development with its creatine content and mental focus.

It’s more of a liquid form of MuscleTech NeuroCore with additional main ingredients and 5 grams of carbohydrates without the crazy stimulants. It practically does not contain any ingredient that is not likeable. The best ones for mental stimulation are DMAE, Acetyl L Tyrosine and PEA. For the muscles, the beta alanine and creatine mix will always take you to the right direction.

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Thus, if you want a stimulant free focus, this is your best option. But, if you prefer pumps, consider the other two. If you desire both focus and pumps, combine this supplement with NO3 mentioned earlier in this article.

This is sort of a kitchen sink supplement that does not contain propriety formula. If you are that interested, check each of its ingredients and find out how it can help. But, propriety formulas are no considered old school.

Thank you to Omega Sports for this!

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Best-Stimulant-Free Pre-Workout Powders

There are simply not enough products that are worth mentioning in this category except for these three. Each item is totally different from each other as two have various styles of pumps and one is a stimulant free focus supplement. Because of this, the ranking of the three supplements do not matter.

Yes, NO-Xplode and Cytosport Fast Twitch have variants that are free of caffeine. However, those are incomparable to what you are about to know with the three undoubtedly best powders available out there:

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First is Hemavol.This is transforming the game. You get ridiculous pumps from your workout if you take this that you will surely forget that you do are not taking any stimulants. Also, it contains some real great ingredients.

First, it has 1000 mg of agmatine, a substance described in the pill section earlier. This new compound also functions as converter of nitric oxide in an extremely increased rate that is far higher than equal arginine amounts.

Second, citrulline malate, which is contained in many products mentioned in this article. It is a natural arginine pre-cursor, which will aid you produce NO as well.

Third is glycerol monostearate, a cell hydrator that provides water together with other nutrients in your muscles. This is the reason why the product is termed plasma volumizer.

Finally, there is the taste. If you remember lemonheads while growing up, this supplement tastes like it. Even if you are not fond of sour lemony ingredients, you will still love it because it is so good. It can even be considered the best tasting supplement mentioned in this entire page.

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There are only a few supplements belonging to this category because this is relatively new. Plus, this is a difficult group of supplements to name. Hemavol, without a doubt, will surely perform better because it has more ingredients to work.

However, you need to take at least 10 capsules for you to feel its effects. Not only is the dosage too much, it is also very costly at about $2 every workout.

On the contrary, you can only have $1 worth of raw agmatine to obtain the same amount of agmatine contained in Hemavol. For sure, you do not want to spend $2 every workout or take 10 pills so here are your options.

Consider SNS Agmatine

If you have not encountered SNS, remember that they are coming to you soon. Their product named Focus XT is already mentioned in the earlier parts of this article and the company is currently selling some supplements like piracetem that many

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people love.

This is a fool proof agmatine item, is a great deal and tops the list at first place. There is nothing much to say except that you will determine what you are truly getting.

Consider Hemavol Capsules

All ten Hemavol caps are capable of providing you with a good workout pump than taking agmatine alone. It also contains huge amounts of citrulline malate and glycerol monostearate that are proven to give huge pumps. There is no arguing with the effectiveness of this supplement. The only problem with this is that it costs twice as much per workout if you take this.

Basically, if you can afford it and do not care about taking 10 capsules at one time, then go for it. Otherwise, begin with agmatine alone and increase it if you need additional intensity.

Your other option is to take a half dosage which will also give you the same deal to the agmatine but lesser agmatine and more excess ingredients.

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Best Pre-Workout Supplements Not Containing Stimulants

Do you prefer Pills or Powder?

The pills are convenient while the powders are tasty and costs cheaper per serving. Whatever the reason may be, most products that do not contain stimulants are in pill form so this is where you’ll find your best option.

Do you want Arginine-Based Pills something considered reliable or something completely new in the form of Agmatine-Based Pills although more expensive?

Arginine vs. Agmatine

By now, you should already be aware of the effect of supplements that are L-arginine based. Essentially, a certain form of arginine is mainly contained in every product featured in this article.
But just in case you are new in supplementation here is an explanation of what actually occurs: when you take L-arginine, it is converted to L-citrulline by some enzymes called Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS). This then boosts the production of your nitric oxide which improves your bloodflow and sends you a great pump that delivers better nutrients to your muscles. It is mainly popular because of its effectiveness.

The latest arginine-based supplement is arginine nitrate which boosts the NOS production via some new metabolic pathways. This is a real stuff and as you further read this article, you will understand why arginine nitrate pills are ranked higher.

On the other hand, Agmantine, is something relatively new that is getting great reviews because of the wonderful pumps it provide that can fight pain and produce an insulin response. It works differently compared to NOS. Sometimes, it inhibits certain functions and enhances others. Since it is new in the supplement world, its entire effects are not fully understood yet. And it is still costly as of this time. But, those who have already tried it are truly impressed.

Conclusion: If you are a beginner to this stuff and you do not want to take risks or you are on a budget, choose arginine. But, if you have already tried arginine and you have extra cash to spare, you may want to try agmantine.

NeuroCore Pre Workout Supplement Review


This is a new product from MuscleTech that is getting good reviews.

Although you might be doubtful when you heard MuscleTech, do not worry because this it is a real product. First of all, this is not an obsolete MuscleTech product. It does not contain 8 billion ingredients like the old ones. It only has several of the proven effective contents.

Second, it does not have any propriety formula. It shows the full dosage. You definitely have to meet this New and Improved MuscleTech because many muscle builders are happy with the changes in this version of their supplement.

It is also a little difficult to classify. In terms of 1,3 dimethylamylamine content, it really does not have much. But, it has Geranium Extract also referred to as Geranium Robertianum on its label. Its full content is 177 milligrams.

Although it is not really sure what this implies, it is safe to assume that only 50 milligrams of PrimaForce 1,3 dimeth can take you to another place. Thus, there is no certainty of what this stuff is really all about. But to be safe it is categorized under the non 1,3 group.

But, here is what most are truly excited about: its RHODIOLA content. This is an adaptagen that will surely set you straight. It is a natural herb with origins from the Arctic and is used to regulate levels in a hit. If you have sleeping difficulties, this will surely help. If you are depressed, this will make you feel better. If your levels of cortisol are high and your testosterone low, this will regulate them. The mood enhancing effect can give you the focus you need in the gym and prepare you physically for the ultimate torture brought about by your leg exercises.

Also, the Creatine HC1 it contains is well loved. This substance is contained in Con-Cret. It is not cheap but is very effective with plenty of great reviews. It also has DMAE and Vinpocetine. Your brain will thank you for supplying them with two cognitive-stimulating supplements.

The truth is this: This supplement has the best reviews. Marc Lobliner, considered as “The Machine” at Tigerfitness gives full approval to it and it is continuously going through many wonderful changes.

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