What is the best pre workout supplement that doesn’t have 1,3 DMMA?

Depends…Are you Presently “Bulking” or “Cutting”?

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This question is basically asking you if you want a low-carbohydrate or low calorie diet or if you want to have the opposite of these two. If you are someone who loves to stay lean and exercise early in the morning with an empty stomach, then you can go for the low carb or low calorie diet so that you can continuously stay in a state that burns lots of fat. As a reminder, if you are exercising on an empty stomach, make sure that you do not let your muscles catabolize. You can do this by adding BCAAs as your pre workout supplement. The recommended brand is the Scivation Xtend.

On the other hand, if your aim is more energy and you would like to keep your muscles full after an insulin spike, then go for the higher carb or high calorie. Just bear in mind that while you are using up the carbs, you will not be burning plenty of fat yet which is ok if your goal is to get bigger or bulk up.

Note that the product usually contains matodextrin, a type of sugar that is considered a high glycemic processed carbohydrate. Some supplements label maltodextrin as glucose polymers. It is unhealthy when taken in high amounts and it is present in almost all supplements. If you are a natural food eater, try your best not to take maltodextrin or any processed type of corn derivatives. You can only take a few grams but if you take 3 scoops of supplements containing 7 grams each, then you should think twice about your supplement.

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