Do you prefer Pills or Powder?

The pills are convenient while the powders are tasty and costs cheaper per serving. Whatever the reason may be, most products that do not contain stimulants are in pill form so this is where you’ll find your best option.

Do you want Arginine-Based Pills something considered reliable or something completely new in the form of Agmatine-Based Pills although more expensive?

Arginine vs. Agmatine

By now, you should already be aware of the effect of supplements that are L-arginine based. Essentially, a certain form of arginine is mainly contained in every product featured in this article.
But just in case you are new in supplementation here is an explanation of what actually occurs: when you take L-arginine, it is converted to L-citrulline by some enzymes called Nitric Oxide Synthase (NOS). This then boosts the production of your nitric oxide which improves your bloodflow and sends you a great pump that delivers better nutrients to your muscles. It is mainly popular because of its effectiveness.

The latest arginine-based supplement is arginine nitrate which boosts the NOS production via some new metabolic pathways. This is a real stuff and as you further read this article, you will understand why arginine nitrate pills are ranked higher.

On the other hand, Agmantine, is something relatively new that is getting great reviews because of the wonderful pumps it provide that can fight pain and produce an insulin response. It works differently compared to NOS. Sometimes, it inhibits certain functions and enhances others. Since it is new in the supplement world, its entire effects are not fully understood yet. And it is still costly as of this time. But, those who have already tried it are truly impressed.

Conclusion: If you are a beginner to this stuff and you do not want to take risks or you are on a budget, choose arginine. But, if you have already tried arginine and you have extra cash to spare, you may want to try agmantine.

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