Should a pre workout supplement have 1, 3 dimethylamylamine?

1, 3 dimethylamylamine is also called DMAA, Methylhexaneamine, Geranamine or Geranium Stem. It is a natural stimulant that comes from the oil inside the stem of geranium flower. Its effect is described as a combination of a weaker form of caffeine and an extra mild type of amphetamine. Dimethylamylamine has both advantages and disadvantages.

The FDA has classified it as a dietary supplement.

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Dimethylamylamine is beneficial in the sense that it can provide you with the complete focus that you need in different activities such as working out, studying and other tasks. Generally, supplements containing this natural stimulant are more effective than those that do not. However, this is not for everyone.

If you are a beginner, you are not recommended to have it. But, if you are used to taking stimulants and you know your caffeine tolerance and want to heighten the effects of caffeine, then you may love this. Those who enjoy DMAA love it because it is less strong than caffeine. In effect it can enhance your mood without causing jittery sensations.

Also, its effects last longer than caffeine that is why it does not lead to crash even when the caffeine does not work anymore. Moreover, it is a bronchiodilator that can help asthma patients by strengthening their lungs. This property is very helpful for athletes in performing physical activities that require plenty of endurance and lung efficiency such as swimming and running. The last known benefit of 1, 3 DMAA is that it curbs the appetite. Because of this, it is worth taking before a workout as it helps in the weight loss process. It is also able to promote a reduction in weight by allowing you to burn more fat as you work harder without making you think of snacking right after. Its weight loss property makes it an effective ingredient in fat burners and in pre workout supplements.

While 1, 3 DMAA comes with plenty of benefits it also has several side effects. One is that it is not allowed by WADA and NCAA that is why it cannot be taken when drug testing is required. If you plan on competing, then you need to stay far away from this product.

Secondly, it is a vasoconstrictor that tightens the veins and reduces blood flow at a certain level. This effect is contrary to what nitric oxide provides. Thirdly, some men reportedly have erection difficulties when taking this stimulant. Fourth, there have been several reports that those who took the drug experience crashes and stomach upset. Finally, 1, 3 DMAA can be tiring especially when it is taken on and off for at least one year.

There are rumors saying that 1, 3 will be banned by the FDA because it affects drug tests that look for meth content. However, this has not been proven. In fact, it is scientifically and chemically impossible for the substance to change into an amphetamine metabolite that drug testing aims to find. Just to be sure, if you decide to take this supplement, make sure to ask your manager and drug testing sponsor first.

After knowing the benefits and drawbacks of 1, 3, a final question is that is it a good choice? The answer to this is that it is up to you. If you love stimulants and you are new to using pre-workout supplements, it is recommended that you start with the ones that do not contain 1, 3 DMAA.

However, if you have been engaging in strenuous physical activities because you are an athlete or have been using strong products such as NaNO Vapor and NO Xplode but you want to intensify your intake, then you can try to at least have one tub of the pre workout supplement containing 1,3. In case you eventually feel that you want to stop, you can always go back to supplements without 1, 3. But, in most cases, if you have started with the 1, 3 supplement, you will already like the feeling and would want to continue it. This may be the reason why products of the same kind are given a rating of at least 9.


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