Dr. Muscle ranked #1 best bodybuilding app by Proteinfactory.com

Alex Rogers of Proteinfactory.com has just ranked Dr. Muscle the #1 best bodybuilding app for maximum muscle growth.

Big thanks to Alex for his review. He concluded:

There are countless fitness apps to choose from. Truth be told, most of them are quite similar, as they allow you to do the regular, vital tracking of workouts and counting of burned calories. Each one, however, has one or two segments that separates it from the pack and gives you an edge depending on the style of training you’re interested in.

If I had to pinpoint the best ones out of this top 10 list I would have to go with Dr. Muscle. It is the only one that uses artificial intelligence to build muscle. After Dr. Muscle, MyFitnessPal is the best nutrition app. It provides you with millions of food descriptions and all the nutrient and calorie facts you need. Endomondo has all the fitness tracking and social media benefits that you’d otherwise get from 2-3 apps combined. The huge amount of users ensures that the app will be improved and maintained in the future as well.

Alex Rogers also had me for an interview. You can find that interview at the bottom of his list of the top 10 best bodybuilding apps.

I reached out to Alex because he’s one of the few protein vendor I actually trust (this industry is full of BS). I’ve been getting my protein from Alex since 2009. I like that I can get it with no extra flavour or additive. It tastes real, it’s fresh, and always on time. I’ve never had an order with him turn bad, ever.