Volume for muscle hypertrophy: the #1 trend in research in 2017

The year is almost over. Looking back at the science, I’d say 2017 was the year of volume for muscle hypertrophy. Volume is a key driver of hypertrophy, and the bulk of the evidence is starting to suggest it may be the most important variable.

The authors of a review paper went so far as to call volume “The Most Effective Variable in Resistance Training” in the title!

More and more researchers agree, too. I even heard Dr. Brad Schoenfeld mention it last week in an interview. In case you live under a rock, Schoenfeld is arguably the leading muscle hypertrophy researcher.

So, volume for muscle hypertrophy is key. That’s gotta be the #1 trend in hypertrophy research in 2017.

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Thanks for sticking around this year. I appreciate it. Best wishes for huge gains in 2018,

Carl Juneau, PhD