Beta test now open: build muscle faster with the new updated Dr. Muscle (2.0)

The new and updated Dr. Muscle is now ready for beta test. Here’s what’s new:

– Exercise log (you won’t have to enter your sets and reps again)
– Full workout history (sets, reps, and weights for each workout)
– New user interface and bug fixes
– Improved algorithm to compute your next weights, reps, and sets

If you have already signed up to beta test our app, here’s how to access the latest beta version:

For Android, click on “Become a tester” here (your app will update on your phone automatically shortly):

For iPhone, click here to install TestFlight (you’ll find Dr. Muscle inside TestFlight when it updates tomorrow):

If you’ve not signed up for beta yet, and you’d like to, just hit reply and let me know. You’ll get access to the new version before everyone else. All I ask in return is that you give me your honest feedback.

Official release should be on Oct. 24. Stay tuned.


Dr. Muscle