Useful Types of Muscle Supplements

Workout supplements have different ingredients that categorize them into several types. This article will talk about the different kinds of muscle supplements that are considered to be most useful and the reason that they work.

Weight Gain Supplement

This supplement is mostly for the purpose of helping those individuals who want to reach their ideal weight by adding to their pounds. The ingredient for weight gain is added to a usual workout supplement. If you want to know if your supplement has this property, check at the calories it provide. The higher the calories it gives, the more pounds you will gain by taking it. Thus, if you are already on the heavy side, steer away from this type of supplement.

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Energy Boosters

Ingesting an energy boosting supplement prior to your workout will help you maximize the effects of your exercise. But, some of the contents of energy boosters can be strong to the liver. If you have liver problems, make sure to seek your doctor’s advice. Always remember not to take more than the manufacturer’s recommended dosage of this supplement.


Muscles are nourished by protein. You can get sufficient amounts by eating meats such as pork and beef. However, take note of the timing of your meals. Fish and milk have protein but they are less effective in muscle development. Because of this, you need to increase your protein intake by taking supplements. You have to take about 1 to 2 grams of protein for each pound of your body weight every day if you goal is to increase the amount and size of lean muscles that you have.


Creatine works by enhancing the ATP, an energy source of your muscles. This means that when you take this supplement, you can perform more repetitions when lifting higher weights. As a result, you will grow more muscles.

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What are the benefits of Creatine and Does it Work?

Benefits and Adverse Effects of Creatine

Creatine is an element that naturally occurs in the human skeletal muscle. It can be easily obtained from fish and meat. Once it is taken, it travels to the muscles and increases stored energy by making ATP easily accessible. Increased ATP levels give extra energy boost during hard physical activities that is why the body is assisted in making new muscles.


Aside from indirectly enhancing the growth of muscle fibers by enabling frequent weight lifting, the main advantage of creatine is its ability to increase the volume of the muscles. This is attributed to its water retention effect. Muscles that are fed with creatine have a tendency to hold water and store it which results to higher volume. During the initial introduction of the supplement, there will be a slight addition to your weight of around 5 to 10 pounds every month.


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But, this is not due to increased lean muscle or additional fat. This is actually caused by fluid retention. Once the intake of the supplement is stopped, the gains in volume will gradually decline. However, the increase in muscle strength and fiber will stay.

Adverse Effects

Since creatine is a widely used supplement various researches have already been conducted about it. Most of the studies showed that there are no real hazards to the intake of supplement. However, if you are concerned about gaining extra weight, you might have to prepare yourself for this before taking creatine. But then again, note that the weight gain is only due to the liquid you retain and not to additional fat stores or lean muscle mass. Also, some individuals who have taken creatine have reported cramps in their abdomen, nausea and discomfort. Others also claimed that they were dehydrated after taking the supplement. All these possible side effects can be easily remedied by simply taking enough amounts of liquid.

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APS Mesomorph Pre Workout Supplement Review

APS Mesomorph

APS is no ordinary product! It does not only contain the standard ingredients you expect from a supplement but it also has icarrin. This substance comes from the plant named “Horny Goat Weed” which you have most probably heard of. Basically, with the discovery of Viagra, it was also uncovered that this works on a lot of similar mechanisms as icarrin. That is, it is a real, natural and successful libido booster that people take advantage of.

Icarrin works by slowing down a blood flow- restricting enzyme named phosphodiesterase type 5. In effect, more blood starts to flow and therefore more pumps are created. This same effect works effectively in the treatment of erectile dysfunction disorder.

Aside from its blood flow enhancing effect, icarrin is also capable of restoring low levels of testosterone as shown in studies.

The combination of citrulline malate, beta alanine and AAKG gives a nice pump and with the inclusion of taurine and creatine, cell hydration and volumization is also stimulated.

Again, this is a serious product. The ingredients discussed above are evidence that it is no joke to take this. Its other stimulant content like 3 7 dihydro- 3 7 dimethyl- 1 h purine- 2 6-dione which equal to theobromine and works as a mild stimulant and vasolidator are not even discussed yet.

Emphasis is given however that this and the next supplement are not the right pre workout supplements if you are a beginner in supplement taking.

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Infinite Labs Juggernaut

This supplement has effects with only one scoop. However, it is important to note that reviews say that the product is not as good as Assault or SuperPump 250 in this group of supplements.

This supplement is best if you want a hint of protein before your workout. This is because this is the only one in the list of supplements featured here that contains protein. It has huge amounts of high quality whey protein isolate and that is something that most gym goers fully appreciate.

The main reason it is included in this best list because it has been present in the supplement world for so many years and is still consistently getting a 9.0 rating in the scale. It has a great idea of combining ChromeMate and Cinammon extract. Its electrolyte content is also useful just like Vinpocetine in the Fatigue Arrest Complex.

The good performance of this supplement is also attributed to its glycerol content. This is an underrated compound that is not suitable for everyone and is not contained in most products listed here.

Overall, Infinite Labs Juggernaut is a great product considered to be a well-rounded one. It tastes great too and it is best for you if you are not really sure of what you want.

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Workout Supplement Scivation Novem Review

Scivation Novem

Novem definitely rocks because of its amino acid mix. This product is well applauded and is highly recommended because its high dose of N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine brings you in the Zone even without having 1,3 dimeth!

It is also preferred because it includes NAC which is a good protector of the liver and the muscles. It is perfect if you are on PCT or even when you are hungover.

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Although it tastes good, the only issue with Novem is its strong flavor that will leave you tasting it even after hours have passed after taking it. One scoop may require 30 ounces of water even if it should only be taken with 8 to 16 ounces of water.

The formula is also quite simple that is why many love it. It does not contain arginine. You can also choose your own pump by simply adding agmatine, arginine nitrate, AAKG, GPLC or GlycerGrow.

Two scoops of this supplement contain 187 mg of caffeine which is ideal for many. It is almost the same as the new 1MR without the excess amount of stimulants and arginine to keep you going.

You can mix Scivation Xtend with any other products listed here to maximize the results of your workout.

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Most Suitable Nitric Oxide Supplement for You

You will know what is best for you by asking yourself further with the following questions:

Question 1: Do you prefer a stimulant or stimulant free product for your pre workout supplement?

Most nitric oxide supplements have caffeine and other types of stimulants which provide power, concentration and extra strength while you are working out. Because stimulants are beneficial, it is helpful to have them in your supplements. But, it is also recommended that you stop your stimulant use from time to time. In particular, you can use stimulant based supplements for 2 to 3 consecutive months and take a break from 2 to 4 weeks. This will help your adrenals work efficiently. Do not worry about stopping your stimulant intake for a certain period. You can still have the amazing pumps that you want by taking pre-workout supplements that are stimulant free. Most of these supplements are in pill form but there are instances when it isn’t. Read on to know about stimulant-free supplements that you can choose from.

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As an additional note, make sure to thoroughly read the instructions before taking stimulant based supplements. Also, do not combine 2 products that are both stimulants even if the other one is simply coffee. As a beginner, you have to begin with low dosages and make gradual increases.

Most stimulant based supplements contain caffeine. According to research, caffeine is mostly safe in the amount of 6 milligrams per kilogram of bodyweight. To be safe, it is recommended to limit your daily intake of caffeine below 400 milligrams.

Unfortunately, most products presented on this site contain propriety formulas that do not specify the amount of caffeine in one serving. If you are worried about this, look for a product that clearly specifies the dosage of its stimulant content in the label. Scivation and Cellucor do this and there are more companies that are getting rid of their propriety formulas.

Many people research online to know about the best pre workout supplement. If you also do the same, you will only be bombarded with partial reviews and personal beliefs from individuals you do not know or promotions from commission and profit-oriented marketers.

The trouble with this is that every person has different preferences. Some want stimulants, while others do not. There are those who prefer supplements that are carbohydrate rich while others want a carbohydrate free type. This article aims to present you a flow chart that will answer in detail most commonly asked questions about supplements until you find the best nitric oxide supplement for you. Every question will give a comparative explanation of your possible options as beginners. It will also show you price differences so that you can purchase the product from the store with the cheapest cost of up to 40% discount.
Best Pre-Workout Supplement

NO3 Chrome is the most preferred nitric oxide pill because of its two ingredients. First is Arginine Nitrate which results to huge and long pumps. The second is Pycnogenol which is a natural anesthetic and nitric oxide amplifier.

NO3 can be used with other stimulant-based supplement listed below. But, you have to be very careful when doing so. Make sure to read the instructions carefully especially when combining it with other types of supplements containing nitrate such as C4 extreme. These products are produced by a legit company known as Cellucor.


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Cellucor C4 Extreme Supplement Review

Cellucor C4 Extreme

Cellucor is a well-known company that sells various types of supplements. If you have not heard about this company, then you need to start checking it out. It has 4 very effective products but the most thrilling one is C4 Extreme.

C4 contains most people’s favorite stimulants and focus ingredients such as N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosin and Synephrine HCL. N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosin is quite a heavy type of caffeine and the stimulant contains about 135 mg per scoop as indicated in Cellucor’s label. On the other hand, Synephrine HC1 is contained in many fat burners and combines very well with caffeine.

Aside from these two ingredients, C4 Extreme also contains Mucuna Prureins. This is also known as velvet bean which comprises of L-Dopa and changes to dopamine in the brain. This stimulates the secretion of growth hormones that will help you feel good and less sore after your workout. Also, it increases the supplement’s fat burning effects.

If you take the supplement you will surely be in the C4 Mood. C4 stands for calm, collective, cool and confident. The ingredients that cause the pump will not be very extreme. The supplement just contains 1 gram of creatine nitrate that can fill you up and 1 gram of AAKG that can promote a burst of nitric oxide. These ingredients will give you more energy and focus instead of cause pumps in your muscles.

The usual dosage of this supplement is about 2 scopps. But, be ready for the effect of 270 mg of caffeine because when you have this you will not fee calm, collected and cool anymore but you will surely be very confident! As a better suggestion, if you are trying to energize more, take plenty of NO3 Chrome.
Overall, Cellucor is well loved by many and you too will surely feel the same!

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The New White Flood

White Flood is a product of Controlled Labs. It has always been a popular supplement because of its lack of creatine which leaves more chance for energy. Its new formula has been very popular in terms of energy and taste. Although the use of a beet root extract has been done before, the current amount is a great discovery because it is amazing and very effective.

Instead of using arginine to create pumps, citurlline has been used as a substitute. But, most people are satisfied with the results since they know that using the supplement will give them the energy and focus that they need.

The best ingredients of white flood are the beet root, vinpocetine and caffeine. Aside from this, a new ingredient that is not contained in other supplements is sugar cane. This is extracted from octacosanol, a substance that is scientifically proven to strengthen endurance. Many have not heard of this ingredient but it surely works in increasing the V02 max needed for lifting and endurance sports.

The reviews for this supplement are a bit mixed. Most people love the taste of White Flood lemonade but there are also those who surprisingly do not like it at all. To address this problem, Controlled labs created supplements that majority of people like even if it meant creating risky flavors such as watermelon.
The minimal creatine content of white flood is good since many people do not want to obtain their creatine apart from their pre or post workout. Moreover, the amount of creatine in most workout supplements is not clearly specified.

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Best Pre Workout Supplement without 1, 3 DMAA

What is the best pre workout supplement that doesn’t have 1,3 DMMA?

Depends…Are you Presently “Bulking” or “Cutting”?

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This question is basically asking you if you want a low-carbohydrate or low calorie diet or if you want to have the opposite of these two. If you are someone who loves to stay lean and exercise early in the morning with an empty stomach, then you can go for the low carb or low calorie diet so that you can continuously stay in a state that burns lots of fat. As a reminder, if you are exercising on an empty stomach, make sure that you do not let your muscles catabolize. You can do this by adding BCAAs as your pre workout supplement. The recommended brand is the Scivation Xtend.

On the other hand, if your aim is more energy and you would like to keep your muscles full after an insulin spike, then go for the higher carb or high calorie. Just bear in mind that while you are using up the carbs, you will not be burning plenty of fat yet which is ok if your goal is to get bigger or bulk up.

Note that the product usually contains matodextrin, a type of sugar that is considered a high glycemic processed carbohydrate. Some supplements label maltodextrin as glucose polymers. It is unhealthy when taken in high amounts and it is present in almost all supplements. If you are a natural food eater, try your best not to take maltodextrin or any processed type of corn derivatives. You can only take a few grams but if you take 3 scoops of supplements containing 7 grams each, then you should think twice about your supplement.

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How To Get a Fit Body

The Beneficial Effects of Pre-Workout Supplements to help you get a fit body

It’s really no surprise that people look for inforamation on how to get fit and they also look for information on how to build muscle on the net… The thing is, many times, learning how to get fit is not the same thing as building muscle. This little blog post is going to be more about how to get a fit body. It may not cover too much about muscle building… But, that’s okay! I feel like we are here for everyone!

One of the things I did realize was that there are also a lot of you looking to learn how to burn fat while keeping your muscle. I was at one point trying to find an exercise regimen and stick with it, but I was finding it hard to do!

Fit body concepts are pretty much similar to building muscle concepts so you should feel good that at least you are going in the right direction if you are looking to find an exercise regimen to help get a fit body, but are also looking at fit body concepts.

To begin with, let’s take a look at supplements. If you going to get fit, or even learn to burn fat while keeping muscle, supplements may make a contribution to the total goal.

While spending most of your time working out can help you achieve the bulk and strength that you want for your body, it must be combined with proper diet and the right supplementation. If you want to maximize the results of your hardwork in the gym, then you must start adding real supplements to your fitness regimen. Pre-workout supplements are one of the groups of supplements that you can greatly benefit from as you work out.

Here are the main effects of pre-workout supplements: First, pre-workout supplements boost the body’s energy during intense workout routines. This will help you to not feel easily tired by replenishing the electrolytes that your body begins to lose while lifting weights or performing any other exercises. The main ingredient responsible for the energy boosting effects of pre-workout supplements is caffeine. Second, pre-workout supplements helps you focus. Your body performs any task effectively when you are focused.

Pre-workout supplements give you this advantage by giving you a positive and the right state of mind as you perform your workout routines. Once you take the supplement before you hit the gym, you will have fun in doing your fitness routines with the same level of intensity that you had in your previous sessions. Third, pre-workout supplements can contain ingredients that can significantly reduce the percentage of body fat that you have.

Taking this type of supplement will help you lose excess fat and gain muscles at the same time. When you choose your pre-workout supplements simply look for the brands containing the major ingredients that are useful for your body. These include caffeine, arginine, glutamine and amino acids. As an extra benefit, you may also want to have a supplement with nitric oxide in its list of contents. Having all these in one supplement can give you the additional advantage of increased blood flow in your muscles and the repair and growth of your muscle tissues.

Okay, so now that we’ve talked a little bit about the whole supplement thing as well as getting a fit body, you may be wondering if this has any application to finding out the truth about six pack abs. Can you learn how to burn fat and learn how to get flat abs?

Essentially, the answer is yes you can. The truth about six pack abs is that some of it is genetics, and the other part of it is learning to burn fat while keeping you muscle. In order for your abs to show well, you kind of need to make sure that you have a low body fat count. A low body fat count will essentially help you to have your ab muscles show through.

Any way, I know we talked about a lot of different things…maybe because it’s the labor day weekend, I’m a bit non focused, but you can learn how to get a fit body and a lot of the principles are the same as working out to build muscles.

Supplements can help with the process, and yes, for those of you that are looking to get six pack abs, that can be a side effect of you getting a fit body!

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