Doing it the Wrong Way, Getting the Wrong Weight!

Do you feel that almost everything you were doing to build muscle was dead wrong? Imagine all the time, money and efforts you have spent working out were contributing to muscle growth, the wrong way! There are a lot of muscle building errors that impedes the progress that you want. But don’t worry, like all other things in life, muscle building is also a trial and error and a learning process.

We cannot only learn from our personal experiences but as well as from the mistakes of seasoned trainers who walked before us. Below are the three biggest and worst ways to building muscles. Try to erase these mistakes from your system and you will be a notch closer to earning the beach body you’ve been waiting for.

Skipping Out On Your Cardio
Even if you are the skinniest of skinny and your goal is to achieve maximal muscle gain it is important that cardiovascular exercises are part of your program. An aerobic form of exercise plays a vital role in building muscle and has been shown to speed up recovery from weight training by transporting oxygen and blood flow to the muscles. Doing weight training is almost useless for stimulating your cardiovascular system.

The circulatory system is developed because more oxygen is pushed through your blood resulting in a greater number and size of blood vessels. Since there is a greater cardiovascular density of blood vessels, your circulatory system has more ‘supply routes’ to shuttle oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues, including muscles, and shuttle away waste products that can slow muscle growth, repair and recovery. In the end, this means you will create a more optimal environment for building muscle!

Overtraining the Biceps and Triceps
It is a common sight in gyms to see small and weak dudes spending a full hour doing every biceps and triceps exercise imaginable. They do set-after-set, week-after-week with nothing to show but the same skinny noodle arms. What they don’t know is that for maximum muscle growth and strength, the biceps and triceps require very little direct stimulation!

If you want to yield good results, try to focus the majority of your training on the large muscle groups namely chest, back, shoulders and legs. Focus on increasing the strength and size in these big muscle groups and rest assured, building muscle in your arms will become easier.

Not Focusing On Getting Stronger
“Building muscle will almost always follow if you simply focus on getting stronger, I mean getting really stronger.” Unfortunately, training to get stronger seems to no longer be a part of the average trainees’ training regime. The stronger you become the more sets and reps you will be able to lift for more specialized movements.

The better your technique, the faster the recovery provided, the longer and harder you will be able to train. By getting stronger from week to week, muscle mass will sure follow thereafter. If you really want to build muscle fast – safely and naturally, you’ll have to make sure that you’re avoiding these three common bodybuilding no-nos.

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Bob Harper Inside Out Method Pure Burn Super Strength

This is the Bob Harper from The Biggest Loser TV show. And he is not just out there helping out those who weight over 300 lbs.

He has created a DVD that you can use to get in great shape. and that can be shape for summer! One thing you can be sure of it that this DVD set will come with some excercises and moves you probably have not seen before.

Part of the goal of the program and what Bob likes to do is combine athletic drill designed for performance and improving your metabolism.

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The results will be much leaner muscles and improved stamina. The exercises focus alot on interval training and circuit bursting.

According to Bob, he created the sessions to jump start fat burning and target the key areas… abs, chest, back, legs, arms, and glutes. He describes this as a no excuse program.

Now, this is a serious program… Rumors have it that some of the back up exercise team actually cried when they did the workouts.

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What you’ll need: a pair of 3- to 10-pound dumbbells

Calories burned:
* 64 per 20-minute routine, 572 per 67-minute circuit

Why we love it: This “all business” head-to-toe workout shows another side of Harper, The Biggest Loser’s good cop. “Bob really pushes you to do more reps,” testers say. They hustled through nonstop multimuscle strength moves, like biceps curls in squat position and jumping lunges using a dumbbell. “You hear one of the exercisers on the DVD pant, ‘This is crazy!’” Testers dug the countdown clock at the bottom of the screen. “This DVD won’t waste your time.” Try the 20-minute segment as a primer for the full circuit.
Editorial Reviews

Bob Harper: Pure Burn Super Strength

No muscle goes untrained. A Get Cut Revolution for the upper body, lower body and core. 35 power surging moves, set to a dynamic pace, delivering an intensified burn that works to aggressively increase metabolism, attack fat, and exhaust calories so you lose weight and gain pure muscle. Get the results you have been looking for.
Reviews From Amazon

Bob Harper: Pure Burn Super Strength (DVD)
How in the world did I miss this guy? Well, I think it’s because I stayed away from the dvds with Biggest Loser marketing. My loss. Bob kicks a**!! I love Pure Burn Super Strength! Definately not for the faint of heart. This has to be one of the best strength workout dvds ever – IMO.

After losing 120 lbs. never stepping foot in a Gym always walking& running doing Bob & Jillians workouts on Dvd this workout is what we need take it to the next level and build more muscle. I tryed the p90X and I always felt I had to do more cardio after I worked out.With Pure Burn my heart was at 139 most of the workout and I burned 651 cals. in the hour And I already feel it great workout you can do it.

The program is great for those who are looking for ways to get ripped fast. It may not be the best for those who want to build muscle fast.

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Weight Lifting Workout Routines

Olympic-style weight lifting training.

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Basic Points to Follow in a Weight Lifting Workout Routine

A group of set or repetitive exercises that aims to grow certain muscles comprise a weight lifting workout plan. The primary thing to bear in mind before making the plan is that the exercises cannot build muscles overnight. Thus, you must create a plan that balances the stress and strain in your muscles without overworking them. In order to do this, you must follow some of the basic points in weight lifting workout. Here are some of them:

Basic Points for Weight Lifting Workout Exercises

1. Put together a plan that works out the biceps and back in the same schedule. The reason for this is that back exercises develop the back muscles and biceps at the same time.

2. Another set of muscles that you must exercise together are your chest, shoulder and triceps. Chest and shoulder exercises promote the growth of the triceps.

3. The muscle groups in both items above should comprise your upper body exercises. Another set of workout plan should be made for your lower body.

4. Your lower body exercises must target your quads, hamstring and calves. Make a plan to exercise these muscles.

5. After grouping your muscles together in your weight lifting workout plan, incorporate a schedule for your exercises. It is recommended that you perform intensive exercises at a maximum of three days every week.

6. Alternate your weight lifting exercises with aerobic exercises.

7. Schedule a rest day once a week to give your muscles time to rest and rejuvenate for another week long workout schedule. Without rest, your muscles will not grow.

8. Include your abdominal exercises in your lower body workout schedule.

Basic Points for Weight lifting workout Exercise Repetitions

9. Perform 5 sets of one type of exercise as a beginner. Do 12 repetitions in the first set, 10 in the second, 8 in the third and 6 in the fourth set.

10. While you decrease your repetitions for each set, increase the amount of weights you use.

11. Before proceeding to the last set, rest for about one minute.

12. For your fifth set, decrease the weights and perform 12 repetitions.

13. After the last set, perform 12 counts of another type of exercise for the same group of muscles.

14. Perform number 12 and 13 without taking a break.

15. Once you have finished exercising one group of your muscles, take a 2 minute break before moving on to the next exercise.

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Bodybuilding Workout Routines

Bodybuilding Workout Routines

10 Simple and Effective Tips to Build Muscle

There are various materials providing different tips to build muscles. However, not all of them prove to be effective body building workout routines. If you want to develop more muscles, here are 10 simple tips you can follow that combines diet and exercise.

1. Eat constantly. As much as possible, eat small meals every two to three hours. Make it a habit to eat breakfast as well.

2. Fill yourself with adequate calories. If your muscles do not grow by 1 to 2 pounds weekly then your caloric intake is not enough.

3. Consume about 40 to 60 grams of protein with each meal you take. You may also need to adjust this quantity based on your weight. Take note that protein is the most essential nutrient in muscle building.

4. Aside from measuring your protein intake, try to eat around 40 to 60 grams of carbohydrate in each of your meals. This will give you the energy you need while working out your muscles.

5. Intensely perform the first and last set of your body building workout routine. Work out your muscle to the maximum.

6. Imagine your goal at all times. Decide on what you want to achieve so that you will know if you are already there.

7. Do not lift the same amount of weights or do the same number of sets for a long time. You must aim to increase them gradually otherwise your muscles will become lazy and stop growing. You can either increase the weights you carry or add more sets to your usual routine every week.

8. Your muscles will not develop by doing slow body building workout routines for a long period in the gym. You must learn to force them in a short span of time. Thus, lift as quickly as possible without putting strain on your posture.

9. The top body building workout routines include bench press, dead lifts, military press and squats. Do these exercises as much as you can.

10. Do not over exercise. Make sure to have enough rest in between your routines. Muscles grow only when given time to rebuild new tissue. If you feel sore, do not force yourself. Rest your muscles.

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What Helps Build Muscle Fast?

What Helps Build Muscle FastThere are many schools of thought as to what helps build muscle fast. When I consider the things that will really make the difference, I feel like it comes down to your diet and rest.

I am assuming that you are already working out about 4 times a week and you are getting in the right amount of cardio.

The reason I think alot of it has to do with diet and rest has to do with replenishing your body. If you are trying to find fast ways to gain muscle, you know you need to work out hard. But so many body builders and atheletes overlook diet. The grab quick meals or just eat protein bars.

Can you imagine that? How crazy… You work out like crazy but then short change yourself when it comes to nourishment. Think about it, you need to make sure your body had energy (food), nutrients (from food), and protien to repair muscle fibers (food again).

If you are serious about getting muscle, you need to consider that you also need to find the most efficient means for nourishement. A great deal of that is going to come from you eating lots of whole food including fruits and vegetables, and clean fat free animal proteins.

Lastly, you need to make sure you are getting 6-8 hours of sleep a day. It is so important to recharge your batteries. And, people so often underestimate the time your body needs in “down time” in order to repair all the “damage” you did to your muscles.

Remember, the process of gaining muscle is controlled muscle tearing, and then building new tissue. The new tissue is where your muscles get bigger.

Fine tune your diet and get enough rest, and you’ll see that you will be quickly gaining muscle mass!

Fast Ways To Build Muscle

How To Gain Muscle Quickly

Is it possible to gain muscle mass quickly

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How To Gain Muscle Quickly

How To Gain Muscle Quickly

This is one of the most talked questions I hear when I’m at the gym,and when I’m just hanging out with the gang. To be honest, I wonder why the heck anyone would want to do that…

I mean, it does make sense, we do live in a world these days that promotes instant gratification and getting things now. We don’t want to wait anymore for anything… sometimes that is sad.

When I do hear the questions about how to gain muscle quickly, many times, the conversation turns to synthetic methods. You know what I mean… getting juiced up. Do people actually think that using steroids is going to make them the person they want to be?

Imagine what that stuff is doing to your body. I mean, didn’t we all get into this whole fitness thing so that we can improve our health? Or, are we doing this so that we can look pretty and have all the girls fall all over us.

I really think that the best way to gain muscle is naturally, and over time. that way, you can let your body adjust to the changes that are going on.

One of my trainers reminded me that getting larger muscles and getting ripped is really about controlled muscle tearing. When you work out hard, you actually tear the small muscle fibers. When they heal, they have to reinforce themself. The end result is getting more muscle mass.

Now, think about that. If you are going to engage in controlled muscle tearing, then you probably want to do it in a way that your body has time to heal properly.

In my humble opinion, the way to gain muscle mass fast is to have a proper diet, get plenty of rest, and make sure you have good solid productive workouts. also, don’t foret to change up your workout routine so that your body doesn’t get used to it. When you body gets used to one kind of workout, then you end up plateauting. You need to trick your body into getting more muscle growth.

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What do you think? Real or BS?

Videos on Building Muscle Fast?

Here are some vids… do think this works to build muscle quick?

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Fast Muscle Building Guides

How to Gain Muscle Mass

Tips to Gain Muscle Mass

Fast Muscle Building Guides

Most of us want a fit trim body with muscles, and you can learn how to build muscle fast to get that fit and muscular body you desire. Building muscle takes work, lifestyle changes, and dedication. Muscle doesn’t just happen overnight—you have to encourage muscle building by making changes in your life. There are steps that you must take in order to get your body to want to build muscle. Things you will need to change in order to build muscle fast are:

* Your diet
* Your exercise routine
* Your lifestyle
* Your habits

In order to build muscle fast, you will need to make some changes in your life.

1. Your diet will need to consist of carbs, protein and fats. Carbohydrates should be good carbohydrates such as oatmeal, brown rice, brown bread, yams, beans and veggies. You should leave out of your diet high fat foods such as refined sugars. Eat more high protein foods such as cottage cheese, egg whites, skim milk and protein powder.
2. Exercise is a big muscle builder. One way to increase muscle is to shorten the rest periods between your reps. For instance, if you normally rested ten minutes between sets, only rest five. This helps to shock your muscles and can lead to faster muscle growth.
3. Your lifestyle will need to change in order to help facilitate muscle growth. This can include your sleep pattern. If you are used to getting just six hours of sleep, move it up to eight. Your body builds muscle during sleep and the more rest you get, the better your muscles will be able to function during each workout.
4. Your general habits, such as alcohol intake and smoking will play a big role in muscle building. If you plan on gaining more muscle, you will need to lay off the alcohol and quit smoking. Too much alcohol can be fattening as well as make you tired and sluggish to detract from good, strenuous workouts. You should also be having a bowel movement at least twice a day. This helps to remove more toxins from your system, which can detract from muscle building.

Building muscle quickly requires you to change several aspects of your life. If you want to gain muscle quick, make a few changes to your lifestyle and you should see a noticeable difference in a short time.