1MR Pre Workout Supplement Review

1MR (The Original Version)

1MR just recently reformulated to get rid of 1,3 Dimethylamylamine in its ingredients.

But, the original formula containing 1,3 is still available. This product truly has every legit stimulant that is available out there. It contains 300 mg of Caffeine, yerba mate, guarana and 1,3 dimethylamylamine. Moreover, it also has grape seed and wine seed extract.

Aside from this, it also has its focus enhancing content in the form of N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine and Schizandra A, ingredients that were popularized by the famous and leading supplement named Jack 3d. Many love this as it works better then L-Tyrosine alone.

If you can’t take 300 milligrams of caffeine, do not take this supplement. However, if you need more and do not feel like lowering your doses to reset yourself, then the original 1MR is perfect for you.

But, do not expect a lot in pumps unless you decide to have the new formula that does not contain 1,3 because this brings more ingredients for muscle pumps.

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Cellucor M5 Extreme Workout Supplement Review

Cellucor M5 Extreme

M5 Extreme is unique for several reasons. It has nitrates in the form of creatine nitrate for some wonderful pumps. But, its main ingredients responsible for muscle pump are arginine AKG or AAKG and citrulline malate. These two ingredients are loved by almost everyone.

Another reason why M5 Extreme is unique is that it is a new split canister that differentiates its components from the stimulants and those for muscle growth. Because of this, you can make your own pre-workout supplement and modify your stimulants to fit your needs. If you are sensitive to caffeine and are tired of using a half scoop of products since you are not getting the pumps that you need, then M5 is the perfect product for you.

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Also, Cellucor is a very transparent product without any propriety formulas. If you take it, you are aware that you will obtain 100mg of caffeine for every scoop which is also adjustable according to your preference. Its N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine content is great for focus. The additional mucuna pruriens is great as a growth hormone and for muscle recovery. Furthermore, rauwoliscine is perfect for fat burning.

Taking at least 2 scoops will give you 200 milligrams of caffeine, 4 grams of beta alanine, 6 grams of Leucine, 4 grams of creatine nitrate and 4 grams of AAKG. With all these ingredients, you truly have a very well balanced workout supplement.

Plus, Cellucor is continuously innovating to give the best products. This is the reason why half of their supplements are recommended in this page. However, M5 Extreme is one of their highly underrated products worth trying.

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Most Suitable Nitric Oxide Supplement for You

You will know what is best for you by asking yourself further with the following questions:

Question 1: Do you prefer a stimulant or stimulant free product for your pre workout supplement?

Most nitric oxide supplements have caffeine and other types of stimulants which provide power, concentration and extra strength while you are working out. Because stimulants are beneficial, it is helpful to have them in your supplements. But, it is also recommended that you stop your stimulant use from time to time. In particular, you can use stimulant based supplements for 2 to 3 consecutive months and take a break from 2 to 4 weeks. This will help your adrenals work efficiently. Do not worry about stopping your stimulant intake for a certain period. You can still have the amazing pumps that you want by taking pre-workout supplements that are stimulant free. Most of these supplements are in pill form but there are instances when it isn’t. Read on to know about stimulant-free supplements that you can choose from.

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As an additional note, make sure to thoroughly read the instructions before taking stimulant based supplements. Also, do not combine 2 products that are both stimulants even if the other one is simply coffee. As a beginner, you have to begin with low dosages and make gradual increases.

Most stimulant based supplements contain caffeine. According to research, caffeine is mostly safe in the amount of 6 milligrams per kilogram of bodyweight. To be safe, it is recommended to limit your daily intake of caffeine below 400 milligrams.

Unfortunately, most products presented on this site contain propriety formulas that do not specify the amount of caffeine in one serving. If you are worried about this, look for a product that clearly specifies the dosage of its stimulant content in the label. Scivation and Cellucor do this and there are more companies that are getting rid of their propriety formulas.

Many people research online to know about the best pre workout supplement. If you also do the same, you will only be bombarded with partial reviews and personal beliefs from individuals you do not know or promotions from commission and profit-oriented marketers.

The trouble with this is that every person has different preferences. Some want stimulants, while others do not. There are those who prefer supplements that are carbohydrate rich while others want a carbohydrate free type. This article aims to present you a flow chart that will answer in detail most commonly asked questions about supplements until you find the best nitric oxide supplement for you. Every question will give a comparative explanation of your possible options as beginners. It will also show you price differences so that you can purchase the product from the store with the cheapest cost of up to 40% discount.
Best Pre-Workout Supplement

NO3 Chrome is the most preferred nitric oxide pill because of its two ingredients. First is Arginine Nitrate which results to huge and long pumps. The second is Pycnogenol which is a natural anesthetic and nitric oxide amplifier.

NO3 can be used with other stimulant-based supplement listed below. But, you have to be very careful when doing so. Make sure to read the instructions carefully especially when combining it with other types of supplements containing nitrate such as C4 extreme. These products are produced by a legit company known as Cellucor.


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Cellucor C4 Extreme Supplement Review

Cellucor C4 Extreme

Cellucor is a well-known company that sells various types of supplements. If you have not heard about this company, then you need to start checking it out. It has 4 very effective products but the most thrilling one is C4 Extreme.

C4 contains most people’s favorite stimulants and focus ingredients such as N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosin and Synephrine HCL. N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosin is quite a heavy type of caffeine and the stimulant contains about 135 mg per scoop as indicated in Cellucor’s label. On the other hand, Synephrine HC1 is contained in many fat burners and combines very well with caffeine.

Aside from these two ingredients, C4 Extreme also contains Mucuna Prureins. This is also known as velvet bean which comprises of L-Dopa and changes to dopamine in the brain. This stimulates the secretion of growth hormones that will help you feel good and less sore after your workout. Also, it increases the supplement’s fat burning effects.

If you take the supplement you will surely be in the C4 Mood. C4 stands for calm, collective, cool and confident. The ingredients that cause the pump will not be very extreme. The supplement just contains 1 gram of creatine nitrate that can fill you up and 1 gram of AAKG that can promote a burst of nitric oxide. These ingredients will give you more energy and focus instead of cause pumps in your muscles.

The usual dosage of this supplement is about 2 scopps. But, be ready for the effect of 270 mg of caffeine because when you have this you will not fee calm, collected and cool anymore but you will surely be very confident! As a better suggestion, if you are trying to energize more, take plenty of NO3 Chrome.
Overall, Cellucor is well loved by many and you too will surely feel the same!

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Animal Rage Supplement Review

Animal Rage

This is a good product that does not get the credit that it truly deserves because of its taste and caffeine content. According to rumors, animal rage is packed with 300 milligrams of caffeine. If you like this high amount, then this supplement is right for you. This stuff is a pre-workout supplement from the Rock solid Team at Universal Nutrition.

Despite the negative feedback on its taste and caffeine content, the supplement contains ingredients that many people like. These are Rhodiola and N-Acetyl Tyrosine. However, N-Acetyl is very minimal and has shown to be less effective compared to L-Tyrosine. Other ingredients it has include ginseng, evodiamine, choline, vinpocetine and schizandra. These are not ideal supplements for people with ADHD.

Quick energy is the feeling of an adrenaline surge traveling throughout your body, waking up your senses, preparing you for your intense workout ahead. Animal Rage’s Quick Energy Complex gets in your system fast and furious. You feel it and you’re ready to train in minutes. The core of Animal Rage’s Quick Energy Complex is pure caffeine anhydrous, a powerful central nervous system (CNS) stimulant. The chemical structure of caffeine is very similar to that of adenine (a component of ATP, DNA, and cyclic AMP).

Most reviewers of Animal Rage wish for the caffeine content of the supplement to be slightly reduced. Also, some spoke about its improved flavors except for orange that is considered to be the worst. Regardless of the flavor, majority or reviewers still speak highly of this supplement because it has proven effective.
If you wish to have plenty of stimulants to keep you focused, Animal Rage may be right for you.

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Best Stimulant-Containing Pre Workout Supplements

Should a pre workout supplement have 1, 3 dimethylamylamine?

1, 3 dimethylamylamine is also called DMAA, Methylhexaneamine, Geranamine or Geranium Stem. It is a natural stimulant that comes from the oil inside the stem of geranium flower. Its effect is described as a combination of a weaker form of caffeine and an extra mild type of amphetamine. Dimethylamylamine has both advantages and disadvantages.

The FDA has classified it as a dietary supplement.

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Dimethylamylamine is beneficial in the sense that it can provide you with the complete focus that you need in different activities such as working out, studying and other tasks. Generally, supplements containing this natural stimulant are more effective than those that do not. However, this is not for everyone.

If you are a beginner, you are not recommended to have it. But, if you are used to taking stimulants and you know your caffeine tolerance and want to heighten the effects of caffeine, then you may love this. Those who enjoy DMAA love it because it is less strong than caffeine. In effect it can enhance your mood without causing jittery sensations.

Also, its effects last longer than caffeine that is why it does not lead to crash even when the caffeine does not work anymore. Moreover, it is a bronchiodilator that can help asthma patients by strengthening their lungs. This property is very helpful for athletes in performing physical activities that require plenty of endurance and lung efficiency such as swimming and running. The last known benefit of 1, 3 DMAA is that it curbs the appetite. Because of this, it is worth taking before a workout as it helps in the weight loss process. It is also able to promote a reduction in weight by allowing you to burn more fat as you work harder without making you think of snacking right after. Its weight loss property makes it an effective ingredient in fat burners and in pre workout supplements.

While 1, 3 DMAA comes with plenty of benefits it also has several side effects. One is that it is not allowed by WADA and NCAA that is why it cannot be taken when drug testing is required. If you plan on competing, then you need to stay far away from this product.

Secondly, it is a vasoconstrictor that tightens the veins and reduces blood flow at a certain level. This effect is contrary to what nitric oxide provides. Thirdly, some men reportedly have erection difficulties when taking this stimulant. Fourth, there have been several reports that those who took the drug experience crashes and stomach upset. Finally, 1, 3 DMAA can be tiring especially when it is taken on and off for at least one year.

There are rumors saying that 1, 3 will be banned by the FDA because it affects drug tests that look for meth content. However, this has not been proven. In fact, it is scientifically and chemically impossible for the substance to change into an amphetamine metabolite that drug testing aims to find. Just to be sure, if you decide to take this supplement, make sure to ask your manager and drug testing sponsor first.

After knowing the benefits and drawbacks of 1, 3, a final question is that is it a good choice? The answer to this is that it is up to you. If you love stimulants and you are new to using pre-workout supplements, it is recommended that you start with the ones that do not contain 1, 3 DMAA.

However, if you have been engaging in strenuous physical activities because you are an athlete or have been using strong products such as NaNO Vapor and NO Xplode but you want to intensify your intake, then you can try to at least have one tub of the pre workout supplement containing 1,3. In case you eventually feel that you want to stop, you can always go back to supplements without 1, 3. But, in most cases, if you have started with the 1, 3 supplement, you will already like the feeling and would want to continue it. This may be the reason why products of the same kind are given a rating of at least 9.


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