Muscle Building Tips for Skinny Men

A lot of men, both skinny and big want to build muscles. But, most recommendations for muscle building are very general that it confuses men with different sizes on what to follow. Here are some basic tips on muscle development specifically designed for men with lean body structures.


Tip # 1: Work Out Less
If you are skinny, you may have the urge to spend so much time in the gym thinking that this will give you the muscle mass that you want. However, this is not advisable for you. In fact, you are recommended to only work out a major group of muscles once every week. Work hard every time you workout and let the muscles regenerate until your session in the coming week. You can spend one time for your chest muscles and another day for your quadriceps. Just remember to work on one main muscle group weekly.

Tip # 2: Compound instead of Isolated Workouts
This is essential in developing bigger muscles. Compound exercises work on more than one group of muscles. A good example is bench press which exercises both your triceps and pectoral muscles. Pull ups is another exercise that work on your latissimus and biceps.

Tip # 3: Increase Calories
If you are skinny, this may mean that you have a fast metabolism. Because of this, you burn calories at an increased rate so you have to eat more in order for you to have extra nutrients for your muscles to use for growth. This does not mean however that you eat anything you want. You still have to choose the nutritious ones so that you can have a well balanced meal. Make sure to include carbohydrates, healthy fats and most of all protein in your diet.

Tip # 4: Sleep More
Muscles can only grow when you rest. Thus, it is important for you to sleep at least 8 hours every day if you want your muscles to fully recover. Being a skinny guy specifically makes you more prone to training so much which makes rest even more essential. If you do not get plenty of sleep, you can get easily injured and your muscle building efforts will be of no use. Bigger and stronger muscles are only possible with plenty amounts of rest.

Top Post Workout Supplements

What is the best post workout supplement for training?

I was wondering that same thing after I did a search to find out what the best pre workout supplements were for weight training and building muscle.

So, what so you think I did, yep, I headed out to my local search engine and did some research. Here is what I found…

Making the decision of what to put into your body post workout is, necessarily, a bit complicated. Fortunately, through experimentation both clinical and personal, I have determined what post workout supplements to combine in your post workout drink to best effectively combat the imposed stress of a high intensity workout session.

Making the right decisions on which ingredients to ingext will make all the difference in the world and can help you get ripped fast. It is very important to take the time to understand what items will provide you with the recovery nutrients you need.

One of the opinions I got was taht Muscle Milk sucks… So upon further investigation, I found something called Optimum Nutrution. They have a whey protein.

I use Optinum Nutrition’s Whey protein with a little creatine mixed in. Any whey will do as you need the quick absorbing protein that whey provide. The creatine is to replenish the muscle’s energry. Also, I try to eat some fast absorbing carbs like a fruit as well.

In general, you have to be in calorie excess to gain muscle. If you are not seeing gain, check your diet and/or excercise routine. Keep in mind, of course that just by taking supplements, it will not help you gain muscle. you need to be working out! The post workout drink is only ONE step in getting muscle gain and will fail if your excercise routine or diet is off.

A good weight lifting workout routine is very important.

Ran into another forum and they recommended Glyco Maize.

The person has been using a Glyco Maize added to regular whey ( just cheapy stuff from Vitamin Shoppe but it works). Mix it 50/50 is what she said, but I know that there is more of a science to it and someone more knowledgable would tell you the correct amounts.

The good thing I noticed is that it really seems to cut cravings and it keeps you from wanting to eat everything in sight before bedtime. Post workout always take Glutamine too.

Overall, here are some general guidelines that you can keep in mind that will help you to understand what you need as you navigate the sometimes confusing territory regarding the best post workout supplements.

Whey protein isolate takes the best of a great, natural supplement, whey protein, and takes out the fat and excess calories, leaving you with 80-90% protein by weight. This is a great way to get pure protein without the excess baggage.

Leucine is one of the only essential amino acids known to upregulate synthesis of muscle growth and reduce muscle degradation. This will help you decrease your need for intake. It stimulates the brain into being satisfied.

Bovine Colostrum, or first milk, makes itself present at the end of the pregnancy cycle. It is often taken by high performance atheletes. The quality in the protein derived is known to reduce recovery time and also increase lean muscle mass. The powdered form can be added to a post workout supplement shake.

Dextrose is the simplest form of sugar(glucose) that is important post workout because it metabolizes and is absorbed quickly into the boyud. After intense workout, it can help you stabilize quickly. about 20g of dextrose can do the trick.

Creatine monohydrate is also important. it really helps recovery time. Start with 5g in a post workout drink.

The post workout supplement is designed to help you get all the fat protein and carbs your body needs to help regulate unsulin levels and continue to fuel your deprived body. Remember, mal nourishment can do more damamge to your weight training workout routine than the trainin itself.

A general plan of action varies upon your goals. When deciding to work out at night or when attempting to lose fat by cutting, mix 40g of whey protein isolate with 2g Leucine, 3-6g of colostrum and 5g creatine monohydrate. When deciding to increase mass and bulking, combine 40g whey protein isolate with 20g dextrose, 6g of first milk powder and 5g creatine. Regardless of dieting or cutting, 60-90 minutes after your chosen shake, sit down and have your chosen meal.

One thing to keep in mind. Your diet needs and post and best pre workout supplements will vary depending on your goals. As your weight training regimen changes, you may need to increase or decrease different supplements.

Speak with your trainer for suggestions. Also, consult with your physician when going on any supplement regimen. Regardless of whether or not you think that you have the best post workout supplement, if it doesn’t work for your health, then it won’t do you any good.

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Best Pre Workout Supplement 2011

What is the best pre workout supplement for this year?

Click Here

Isn’t that the age old question? or.. for that matter, what is the best workout supplement for building muscle? That question gets asked over and over… and the answer is… you guessed it… depands!

The best pre workout supplement all depends on what your particular workout goals are. Of course, I’m betting that alot fo you are looking for ways to build muscle quickly and some are looking for ways to get ripped fast.

But see, right there, we talked about two completely different initiatives. Okay, enough talk about that. Let’s get to the business of discussion as to the best preworkout supplement for 2011.

You may find that there are some supplements that appear from previous years…. guess why? They still work!

Pre-workout supplements are extremely popular among both competitive and recreational lifters, in many ways because of the instant boost of energy that many of them experience. Many pre-workout supplements are designed specifically with the goal of being able to increase energy, delay fatigue, increase pumps, and boost muscle gains. The best pre-workout supplement are often all natural, and contain a combination of ingredietns that are supposed to give you that energy boost.

Almost all pre-workout supplements contain caffeine. If you need that jolt of energy for your workout, it is important tolook for caffiene in your supplement. There are also other pre-workout supplements also contain other stimulants such as geranium extract and synephrine to further boost energy and focus.

Creatine is another common ingredient. However you need to check the label, as many pre-workout supplements list creatine on their label but don’t really have enough to have a lasting effect. Your pre-workout should provide a bare minimum of 3g of creatine, any less and you are wasting your money.

Nitric oxide boosters such as arginine AKG, agmatine sulfate, and citrulline malate are also often included to increase the pump experienced from lifting, volumizing the working muscles. Nitric oxide boosters are help blood flow to your muscle fibers and that is what gives the feeling of the pump when you workout.

Beta-alanine is an ingredient that you will want to be sure is in your pre-workout. Beta-alanine delays fatigue (you know, getting tired) and reduces the burn felt in the muscle that can make you feel like you can’t go on and prevents the extra few reps. Your pre-workout should contain at least 1g beta-alanine, though the ideal dose is higher.

First of all, for those of you looking to get lean, you should definitley stay away from antying that contains creatine. Creatine has the tendency to cause you to retain water in your body. So, using products containing creatine will end up giving you the appearance of being fat and will deterioate your definition.

There are different types of pre-workout supplements being sold in the market. One of the highly utilized is nitric oxide. Despite the various choices for nitric oxide supplement, not all of them meet the standards that most people are looking for. If you want to greatly benefit from your pre-workout supplement, you have to take something that can provide you with energy and pump for your workout while improving your overall health at the same time.

Gain Muscle Mass

Now, let’s talk about strength and mass gaining. If you want to see how much muscle mass you can gain and how much weight you can push, then you may want to consider Superpump 250.

Superpump 250

In the pre-workout category, SuperPump250 is the reigning King of dramatic effects. Athletes who try SuperPump virtually never go back to any other pre-workout supplement, and its effects are so profound that the thought of training without it is simply out of the question for most users. In the groundbreaking independent clinical trial, increases in lean muscle mass nearly tripled in a single workout with just 1 dose of SuperPump250 as compared to not taking the supplement. If that’s not enough, body fat percentages simultaneously dropped as opposed to no changes in body fat recorded without the supplement. Consider all this with the added effects of explosive energy, mental focus and strength, and you’re left with seemingly very little to consider.

Concentration and Focus

If you want to have that long burn and energy to get through that grueling workout, then jacked is probably for you. Jacked is one of the most popular workout supplements on the market today. It really helps you get that intensity and the best thing is you don’t crash hard. One note, don’t take it and workout too close to bed time. You may not be able to sleep!


Like having tons of energy, strength, stamina and endurane for your workouts? Who doesn’t? There’s nothing like the right combinaton of compounds taken pre-workout to deliver consistently mind-blowing workouts to help you achieve your goal. After all, if your workouts suck, you can all but forget about making killer progress anytime soon. USP Labs Jack3d gives you the mad aggressive desire and ability to lift more weight, pump out more reps and have crazy lasting energy, along with sick muscle-engorging pumps. Jack3d is easily the most intense pre-workout product you will ever want to use again. The amount of energy anf focus is perfect, pumps and vascularity will be out of control, but most importantly you will feel great throughout your entire workout. No crash, no bloat, no headaches, no blown workouts.

The effectiveness of Jack3d is mainly attributed to the combination of stimulants that it contains. Just like any other pre-workout supplement, Jack3d has caffeine for its main ingredient. However, aside from this, it also has geranium extract called 1.3 dimethylamylamine. This substance is a natural compound that has been a common content of most foods for a long time. Moreover, it is also packed with schizendrol, an extract that can be obtained from schizendra plant. When caffeine, 1.3 dimethylamylamine and schizendrol are combined, they can sufficiently and safely provide the energy and focus that its users need to get through an intense workout session and even in other day to day activities. In fact, there are computer programmers and students who take Jack3d in order to keep them focused in accomplishing their tasks and performing their work without interruptions.

Other ingredients of Jack3d include AAKG, creatine and beta alanine. AAKG helps in pumping the muscles, creatine in the development of lean muscle mass and beta alanine for providing endurance. Unlike other pre-workout supplements, it is considered the best as it does not contain any trace of fillers such as maltodextrin, fats, artificial flavors, food coloring, processed carbohydrates and stool-splitting magnesium. Because of its simple and natural ingredients, Jack3d is also more affordable than other pre-workout supplements. Being the best pre-workout supplement that it is, Jack3d is undoubtedly one of the great nitric oxide sources at the moment.

There are many more ingredients with different functions that may be included in a pre-workout supplement, but these are the most common. While your pre-workout supplement may have a great ingredient profile, make sure that adequate doses of each ingredient are supplied. For example. if your pre-workout supplement contains a proprietary blend of 10 ingredients at 3g/scoop and creatine is listed last, then there is probably not much creatine in the product! Different people may find that different pre-workouts may be best for them, but just make sure that you aren’t paying $40 for a bottle of caffeine and that your pre-workout supplement actually contains real muscle building ingredients.

What about Nitric Oxide Supplements?

Most Suitable Nitric Oxide Supplement for You
You will know what is best for you by asking yourself further with the following questions:

Question 1: Do you prefer a stimulant or stimulant free product for your pre workout supplement?

Most nitric oxide supplements have caffeine and other types of stimulants which provide power, concentration and extra strength while you are working out. Because stimulants are beneficial, it is helpful to have them in your supplements. But, it is also recommended that you stop your stimulant use from time to time. In particular, you can use stimulant based supplements for 2 to 3 consecutive months and take a break from 2 to 4 weeks. This will help your adrenals work efficiently.

Do not worry about stopping your stimulant intake for a certain period. You can still have the amazing pumps that you want by taking pre-workout supplements that are stimulant free. Most of these supplements are in pill form but there are instances when it isn’t. Read on to know about stimulant-free supplements that you can choose from.

As an additional note, make sure to thoroughly read the instructions before taking stimulant based supplements. Also, do not combine 2 products that are both stimulants even if the other one is simply coffee. As a beginner, you have to begin with low dosages and make gradual increases.
Most stimulant based supplements contain caffeine. According to research, caffeine is mostly safe in the amount of 6 milligrams per kilogram of bodyweight. To be safe, it is recommended to limit your daily intake of caffeine below 400 milligrams.

Unfortunately, most products presented on this site contain propriety formulas that do not specify the amount of caffeine in one serving. If you are worried about this, look for a product that clearly specifies the dosage of its stimulant content in the label. Scivation and Cellucor do this and there are more companies that are getting rid of their propriety formulas.

NO3 Chrome is the most preferred nitric oxide pill because of its two ingredients. First is Arginine Nitrate which results to huge and long pumps. The second is Pycnogenol which is a natural anesthetic and nitric oxide amplifier.

NO3 can be used with other stimulant-based supplement listed below. But, you have to be very careful when doing so. Make sure to read the instructions carefully especially when combining it with other types of supplements containing nitrate such as C4 extreme. These products are produced by a legit company known as Cellucor.

NO3 Chrome Ingredients

The main ingredient of NO3 Chrome is arginine nitrate, which is well known as a powerful nitric oxide booster. Arginine Nitrate is a combination of the amino acid l-arginine with a nitrate ion. This helps your body create more nitric acid in your body, which leads to more nutrients flowing to the muscles. This is what gives you the intense pumps and strength that you desire.

Another ingredient is L-Citrulline Malate which is one of the best endurance supplements available. Clinical trials have showed it to reduce muscle fatigue, but we’re also now seeing that this is great for pumps too – a perfect reason to put it in here.

The last ingredient that I would like to discuss is Pycnogenol, which is an awesome nitric oxide amplifier. It is a natural plant extract, which is taken from the bark of the maritime pine tree. This tree only grows along the coast of southwest France. Studies have shown that when coupled with arginine, that it cured erectile dysfunction in 80% of its users without any side effects. I know we’re not trying to solve erectile dysfunction with our pre-workout product, but the proof is in the pudding: pycnogenol is the ultimate nitric oxide amplifier when mixed with arginine!!


Best Stimulant Containing Pre Workout Supplements

Best pre workout supplements without 1,3 DMAA

Cellucor C4 Extreme Supplement Review

Animal Rage Pre Workout Supplement Review

White Flood Creatine Pre Workout Supplement Review


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P90x Coupon Code Promo Code

Where to find a p90x coupon code promo code?

Right now, one of the best selling fitness products on the market is the P90x workout program. Many have used it and many have had great results. For some it has been used as a weight loss program, while others have used it to great success to get better muscle definition.
One thing it may not be the best for is if you are trying to build muscle. The reasoning is that you don’t push enough heavy weight to gain large amounts of muscle mass. the program, however can be a great addition to your weight training regimen and can help you get stronger much faster.

Before we talk about p90x coupon codes, where to find them, or the best way to get a discount P90x program, lets do a quick p90x review.

p90x review:

The p90x program has gotten many great results. Here are some real reviews from amazon customers who have bought and used the product.

This review is from: P90X: Tony Horton‘s 90-Day Extreme Home Fitness Workout DVD Program (DVD)
This product is what I expected from the infomercial – the infomercial is a good representation of what you’ll get. The DVDs are good, come in a small case (no excess packaging to exaggerate or compensate for lack of real product). The accompanying written materials are good too.
However, I found that I wasn’t quite in shape enough when P90X arrived to use it well. I went back and bought Tony Horton’s “Power Half Hour” and used that for a few weeks first – had to wake up some muscles I’ve let go dormant. I’ve been in good shape most of my life, but kind of got lazy lately – I needed to get a basic foundation before I could jump into the incredible workouts he provides.
Make no mistake; this is a commitment. The workouts are long, and hard, but they are engaging. No geeky cheesy cheerleader pep talks in the DVD, and no arrogant gym rat jerks either. If I win the lottery, I’ll try to hire Tony as my personal trainer; he has a good positive attitude, and seems to keep the workouts real with a sense of humility and humor.
The segment timer is great. Though the workouts are typically an hour long, he has “chunked” them down into segments, with a “progress bar” on the screen – kind of like the bar on the computer – so you can adjust your pace or your mindset with the workout.
Tony uses both men and women of differing degrees of flexibility and fitness; there’s always a body on the screen up there to help me with my own form.
I’m a former Marine – and this is used to replace my “daily thirteen.” If only I knew about some of these workouts back in the day… So I give it a thumbs up from the perspective of some really challenging workouts I’ve experienced in the past.
Overall, a good deal. But be warned, it isn’t for the fat couch potato. Like the infomercial says, its for folks that want to get in BETTER shape; the expectation is that you already are in shape and want to take it to the next level.

What comes in the box when I buy p90x?

P90X: Tony Horton’s 90-Day Extreme Home Fitness Workout DVD Program

Product Features

-Get lean, bulk up, or grow stronger, with an endless variety of mix-and-match routines to keep you motivated
-Muscle Confusion technique accelerates the results process by constantly introducing new moves and routines so your body never plateaus
-Collection of 12 highly diverse and intense DVD workouts
-Also includes comprehensive three-phase nutrition plan, specially designed supplement options
-Personal trainer Tony Horton will keep you engaged every step of the way

When you purchase p90x, you get quite a few resources: 12 DVD workouts, nutrition plan, fitness guide How to Bring It DVD, a calendar to track your progress

The current issue with p90x is that it is very popular, so the makers don’t have any coupon promo codes. For now, There has been a lot of questions out there wondering if there are any P90X coupons, well if you are searching for P90X coupons then you might have a hard time finding them. You have probably been asking yourself, “Why can I not find any coupons for the P90X workout routine?”

The main reason why the search has not been easy is because most places that sale P90X are already selling it at a discount price, or at least offer free shipping, but add a little more to their base prices to make up for the free shipping. Another reason is when you compare P90X to the price of a gym; it is very inexpensive. With P90X you pay one time for the P90X DVD’s, and if you decided to get the chin up bar, dumbbells, and exercise bands, it still beats the price of the gym.

The best thing you can do it purchase the p90x program cheap at They have the best pricing, and often times they don’t charge shipping on the product.

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What Helps Build Muscle Fast?

What Helps Build Muscle FastThere are many schools of thought as to what helps build muscle fast. When I consider the things that will really make the difference, I feel like it comes down to your diet and rest.

I am assuming that you are already working out about 4 times a week and you are getting in the right amount of cardio.

The reason I think alot of it has to do with diet and rest has to do with replenishing your body. If you are trying to find fast ways to gain muscle, you know you need to work out hard. But so many body builders and atheletes overlook diet. The grab quick meals or just eat protein bars.

Can you imagine that? How crazy… You work out like crazy but then short change yourself when it comes to nourishment. Think about it, you need to make sure your body had energy (food), nutrients (from food), and protien to repair muscle fibers (food again).

If you are serious about getting muscle, you need to consider that you also need to find the most efficient means for nourishement. A great deal of that is going to come from you eating lots of whole food including fruits and vegetables, and clean fat free animal proteins.

Lastly, you need to make sure you are getting 6-8 hours of sleep a day. It is so important to recharge your batteries. And, people so often underestimate the time your body needs in “down time” in order to repair all the “damage” you did to your muscles.

Remember, the process of gaining muscle is controlled muscle tearing, and then building new tissue. The new tissue is where your muscles get bigger.

Fine tune your diet and get enough rest, and you’ll see that you will be quickly gaining muscle mass!

Fast Ways To Build Muscle

How To Gain Muscle Quickly

Is it possible to gain muscle mass quickly

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Fast Ways to Build Muscle

Fast Ways to Build MuscleThere are many different thougths on fast ways to build muscle and I decided to take a look at and see if there were that made any sense.

I went through all the search engines to find websites and links related to building muscle and hways to gain muscle quickly.

Alot of it really revolves around proper diet, exercise, and making it happen!

Here are some great ideas for gaining more muscle and getting more ripped than you can imagine.

Lets start of by understanding that you need to be able to commit do working out at least 3-4 times per week. The other thing you need to do is commit to at least 1 hour workout.

One of the best programs to work with is working your back and biceps on one day, then your chest and triceps on another… don’t forget about working out your legs too.

Think about this… you are trying to work on pushing exercises and pulling exercises grouped together.

You need to plan to work out all the way to muscle failure. That means you are actually tearing the muscles. By tearing the muscles, you will then make your body have to rebuild those muscles. By doing that, you are able to get bigger muscles.

Another thing to make sure you are doing in order to build muscle quickly is to vary the workout. Your body will start to get muscle memory so you need to change things up and keep tricking your muscles.

Now, let’s look at diet. When you are dieting, you need to make sure you are drinking 4-6 quarts of water per day. You need to keep hydrated.

also, aim for eating 10-15 servings of fruits and veggies. If you can eat raw, better. many times, cooking destroys the nutrients.

You should get plenty of protein in your diet too. That is the building blocks for new muscle.

Now, what about supplements? There are lots of ideas about muscle building supplements, but they typically stress your liver and kidneys. it might be a better idea to try to gain muscle without using those kinds of items.

One of the actual fast ways to build muscle for me was to get a personal trainer.


Well, it takes alot of discipline to get in shape and it’s hard work. Having a personal trainer forced me to workout on days that I felt lazy. It’s like having an accountability partner there working with you.

There are no miracle fast ways to build muscle. But, the quickest way to build muscle comes from consistency and diligence.

Create a plan, stick to the plan. You will see results and feel better every day!

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How To Gain Muscle Quickly

How To Gain Muscle Quickly

This is one of the most talked questions I hear when I’m at the gym,and when I’m just hanging out with the gang. To be honest, I wonder why the heck anyone would want to do that…

I mean, it does make sense, we do live in a world these days that promotes instant gratification and getting things now. We don’t want to wait anymore for anything… sometimes that is sad.

When I do hear the questions about how to gain muscle quickly, many times, the conversation turns to synthetic methods. You know what I mean… getting juiced up. Do people actually think that using steroids is going to make them the person they want to be?

Imagine what that stuff is doing to your body. I mean, didn’t we all get into this whole fitness thing so that we can improve our health? Or, are we doing this so that we can look pretty and have all the girls fall all over us.

I really think that the best way to gain muscle is naturally, and over time. that way, you can let your body adjust to the changes that are going on.

One of my trainers reminded me that getting larger muscles and getting ripped is really about controlled muscle tearing. When you work out hard, you actually tear the small muscle fibers. When they heal, they have to reinforce themself. The end result is getting more muscle mass.

Now, think about that. If you are going to engage in controlled muscle tearing, then you probably want to do it in a way that your body has time to heal properly.

In my humble opinion, the way to gain muscle mass fast is to have a proper diet, get plenty of rest, and make sure you have good solid productive workouts. also, don’t foret to change up your workout routine so that your body doesn’t get used to it. When you body gets used to one kind of workout, then you end up plateauting. You need to trick your body into getting more muscle growth.

more reading on gaining muscle fast:

What do you think? Real or BS?

Ever Feel Like You are Getting Old?

Man, sometimes you can’t get a break…. Yesterday I was doing yoga so that I can make sure that while I’m working on building muscle mass, I don’t lose too much flexibility.

I gotta tell you, it feels so much better when you do yoga in addition to weight training. I’m not so tight, and in general, I have a better outlook on things.

Here’s where the problems come in…

When I was younger, I hurt my back playing football, and now, depending on how I just twist my back, I pull a muscle.

So, while I was doing my body a favor by doing yoga, when we were done, I was helping reset the practice room, and I think I strained my back just moving a chair. Tell me about that. It totally sucks.

So, now I have to sit and take it easy for a bit to let things get better and let my back feel better.

Has anything like this ever happened to you?

Is it Possible to Gain Muscle Mass Quickly?

I’m sure that everyone has at least thought about it…. You know, not doing anything for a long time, and then one day deciding that, “Oh, I want to have big muscles like the Rock.”

And then all of a sudden, they are looking for the short cut, or the fast way…. You know, even me, I’ve seen those get ripped in 3 days ads. so can you learn how to gain muscle quickly?

And I thought that taking creatine would suddenly make me look like Arnold. But then, I kind of realized that you really can hurt yourself by doing things like that, and you run the risk of hurting yourself. Also, can you imaging what you are doing to your kidney’s and stuff when you do that?

Anyway, I don’t think that it is possible to get ripped super fast, at least with out steroids… either way, as I embark on my journey to get more muscle mass, I think I am going to focus on gradual growth, and working on a good diet.

How bout you? What’s your plan? Tell us here and leave a comment! I’m totally interested to find out how things worked for you and what didn’t.

If you want, let me know and I can also post your story here. Tell us your journey to getting muscle mass and building those pecs!

Tips For Getting an Edge with Gaining Muscle Mass

* Addіng More Convenіence: Usіng food supplements lіke Myoplex or Desіgner Proteіn help to elіmіnate the common problem of ‘not enough tіme’, by provіdіng you wіth a quіck, effіcіent way to get your requіred nutrіents each day. They make eatіng large amounts of calorіes and proteіn easіer for people wіth low appetіtes.

* іncreasіng Strength Levels: Products that contaіn Creatіne, lіke Phosphagen HP or Cell-Tech enable you to swіng the odds of gaіnіng more muscle and weіght іn your favor by іncreasіng your strength output. Creatіne enables you to lіft heavіer weіghts, whіch wіll stіmulate more muscle fіbers and cause more muscle growth.

* Decreasіng Recovery Tіme: Vіtamіn C іs essentіal to prevent free radіcal damage, whіch іs accelerated after the heavy trauma of weіght traіnіng. іt іs also essentіal іs helpіng to repaіr connectіve tіssue. All of thіs helps decrease the amount of tіme you are sore.

* Enhancіng Your іmmune System: Weіght traіnіng іncreases the body’s need for many mіnerals lіke magnesіum and selenіum. і always use a good multі-vіtamіn ensures that і am not defіcіent іn any major essentіal vіtamіn or mіneral. Defіcіency symptoms іnclude muscle weakness and suppressіon of the іmmune system, muscle crampіng and fatіgue.

і can honestly say that і could not have buіlt the body і have today wіthout the convenіence and enhancements supplements provіde. і sіmply don’t have the tіme or desіre to do іt any other way. Thіs іs a choіce that you must decіde for yourself. You wіll be spendіng your money on these products, so make sure that you know theіr place іn your program.

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