How to I get Bigger Forearms?

9 Steps to Great Forearms

Having muscles are great. But, if you want to draw attention to them, you should target the areas that are most visible. Your forearms are one of these. So here are some steps you can follow to build great forearms.

1.) Purchase or create a set of curling weights. Make sure they are not very heavy.

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2.) Choose the right weights for you. Start with at least 3 pounds and gradually increase the weights according to what you can handle.

3.) Make a workout schedule. This is important because you need to repeat your workout regularly if you want the best results. Try to exercise at least 10 to 30 minutes daily.

4.) Select exercises that put emphasis on the wrist and forearm strength. You can do wrist curls if you want effective muscles but including full curls are also helpful to maintain the balance of your arm strength.

5.) Hold your weights with palms facing up, elbows on your side and forearms at a level. Upwardly rotate your arms and let the weights fall back down with ease. Do sets of several repetitions according to how much you can tolerate.

6.) Hold your weights with palms down, elbows on sides and arms at your front level. Reverse the curl described in number 5 by pulling up the weights and letting them down slowly to reach a hanging position. Perform sets of several repetitions until you feel fatigue.

7.) Think of joining a club or gym to take advantage of advanced exercise equipment that work on certain groups of muscles. Also, you will have access to a professional trainer by enrolling in a gym.

8.) Select various exercises you are comfortable of doing.

9.) Use a gyroscope like a Powerball. This helps build forearm muscle and are fun at the same time.

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What are the Best Exercises for Big Shoulders?

Best Exercises for the Shoulders

Developing your shoulder muscles is an essential part in having a proportionate and attractive physique. The reason being that additional shoulder mass gives you a look of strength and offers you plenty of health benefits. Moreover, powerful shoulders help you prevent many injuries for as long as you perform the exercises in good form. Here are some of the best exercises that you can perform for great looking shoulder muscles.

1.) Barbell Shoulder Press

You can do this in two ways. One is the traditional method wherein you lift the weights behind the neck. The second one is to lower the barbell in front of your face just until it reaches the top part of your chest and raise it back again. You can perform these workouts using a barbell but you may also use a specific type of machines designed for this exercise.

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2.) Dumbbell Shoulder Press

This can be performed in any bench with back rest. You simply have to sit down holding one dumbbell in each hand. Then, use your thighs to get yourself in position. Raise your dumbbells up to reach ear level while ensuring that your palms are facing forward. Push your dumbbells upwards and lift them up until they are fully extended on top of your head. Lower back your dumbbells up to your ear level.

3.) Arnold Dumbbell Press

This is a common and well known variation of the dumbbell press. You perform it just like the dumbbell press with the one single exception that you begin with your palms facing inwards and your arms placed on your side. Then, you push the weights up, extend your arms and slowly rotate them so that your end position has both of your palms facing forward. Put back the weights down as you rotate your palms to the beginning position.

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Omega Sports Ultima Preworkout Supplement Review

Omega Sports Ultima

There are some big differences between Ultima and other products.

Ultima is considered as more of a traditional supplement taken before a workout that does not contain stimulants. While the two others are for the purpose of pumps, Ultima has other purposes like long term muscle development with its creatine content and mental focus.

It’s more of a liquid form of MuscleTech NeuroCore with additional main ingredients and 5 grams of carbohydrates without the crazy stimulants. It practically does not contain any ingredient that is not likeable. The best ones for mental stimulation are DMAE, Acetyl L Tyrosine and PEA. For the muscles, the beta alanine and creatine mix will always take you to the right direction.

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Thus, if you want a stimulant free focus, this is your best option. But, if you prefer pumps, consider the other two. If you desire both focus and pumps, combine this supplement with NO3 mentioned earlier in this article.

This is sort of a kitchen sink supplement that does not contain propriety formula. If you are that interested, check each of its ingredients and find out how it can help. But, propriety formulas are no considered old school.

Thank you to Omega Sports for this!

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There are only a few supplements belonging to this category because this is relatively new. Plus, this is a difficult group of supplements to name. Hemavol, without a doubt, will surely perform better because it has more ingredients to work.

However, you need to take at least 10 capsules for you to feel its effects. Not only is the dosage too much, it is also very costly at about $2 every workout.

On the contrary, you can only have $1 worth of raw agmatine to obtain the same amount of agmatine contained in Hemavol. For sure, you do not want to spend $2 every workout or take 10 pills so here are your options.

Consider SNS Agmatine

If you have not encountered SNS, remember that they are coming to you soon. Their product named Focus XT is already mentioned in the earlier parts of this article and the company is currently selling some supplements like piracetem that many

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people love.

This is a fool proof agmatine item, is a great deal and tops the list at first place. There is nothing much to say except that you will determine what you are truly getting.

Consider Hemavol Capsules

All ten Hemavol caps are capable of providing you with a good workout pump than taking agmatine alone. It also contains huge amounts of citrulline malate and glycerol monostearate that are proven to give huge pumps. There is no arguing with the effectiveness of this supplement. The only problem with this is that it costs twice as much per workout if you take this.

Basically, if you can afford it and do not care about taking 10 capsules at one time, then go for it. Otherwise, begin with agmatine alone and increase it if you need additional intensity.

Your other option is to take a half dosage which will also give you the same deal to the agmatine but lesser agmatine and more excess ingredients.

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NO3 Chrome Pre Supplement Review

NO3 Chrome

Among the two supplements containing Arginine nitrate, Cellucor NO3 Chrome won the race easily not because it is a great product bit because it has more arginine nitrate and better supporting ingredients.

It seems to have gotten alot of hype in the past. However, since it is legit and not like the no creatine ethyl ester scam advertised by many companies in the past, then there is no problem with over hyping. This gives a huge pump coming from very few amounts of pills.

The best thing about NO3 Chrome is that it is the leading nitric oxide supplement that contains pycnogenol.

Not many know this so here is a brief explanation of this substance many are unfamiliar with: Just like nitric oxide, it stimulates blood pumping. But, more than just that, if pycnogenol was combined with nitric oxide, 80% of the patients were able to address their erectile dysfunction issues. It was even considered an effective pain reliever.

In short, pycnogenol is a real amplifier of nitric oxide. Combine it with arginine nitrate, the best type of arginine and it is perfect!

Overall, it is effective. No3 Chrome and Yok3d are two of the best arginine supplements available in the market today.

But, do not forget that it contains L-Norvaline nd Citrulline Malate. These two substances are also considered amazing precursors to nitric oxide.

Again, Cellucor has no questionable content. It contains the real thing supported by science.

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NO Xplode 2.0 Preworkout Supplement Review

NO Xplode 2.0

Whether you like them or not, BSN is the company that pioneered the whole trend of NO-Xplode. But, with the passing of time, technological changes occurred that improved the flavor systems.

So BSN just recently introduced No Xplode 2.0, a product that is doing well on its own. Many of its past side effects are gone and the flavor is also way better.

However, many are hoping that it has more innovations. For example, plenty of ingredients categorized in the low carbohydrate energy portion of this article are not contained in this supplement and many do not know why. There are plenty of ways to still enhance this product.

Despite having plenty of room for betterment, many people are still loving this formula so it will surely stay until more suggestions come.

outside of that, there is more to come over time.

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Consider SuperPump MAX for a pre workout if you are looking for good blood pump.

This is the product for you if you do not want to take 1,3, do not want to have plenty of carbohydrates but you want to have a certain amount of energy and pump.

This is the successor of SuperPump 250, a supplement which was widely popular. However, with technological changes that came with different individual preferences, the experts at Gaspari found a means to surpass a supplement that is so difficult to beat.

This supplement does not contain arginine and is basically glycerin-based. Because of this content, the pumps it can give are definitely better. It is a great change from anything with arginine because you can always put more AAKG if you really prefer it. However, it would not be needed because this supplement can give you the pumps that you need.

High doses of taurine and traces of BCAAs like leucine are included in this supplement which makes it an entirely great product!

Also, it contains caffeine only in right amounts that is why it decreases the chance of crashing. Its dose of caffeine is just sufficient to keep you going because the pumps are the ones that do the other work.

The flavor of this supplement is strong so be ready for it. But the reviews of this product are certainly great.
Finally, this product contains maltodextrin in very small and tolerable amounts that is why you will not feel sick when taking it.

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Most body builders have a common goal and that is to build massive shoulders. Most are unaware of the three heads of the deltoid (the anterior or frontal deltoid, the lateral or side deltoid and the posterior or rear deltoid) and how each one is developed.

The lateral is the most popular deltoid head. Besides being the most prominent it is the head that contributes to majority of the shoulder width. Steve Reeves was one of the pioneer bodybuilders who developed this muscle. He would do inclined side laterals until the area almost burst from his pump.

Even if the lateral head is the most popular, the anterior head gets worked out the most. Dips, presses and bench presses strongly work the anterior head and most bodybuilders would lift improperly and unknowingly target the anterior head instead of the lateral one.

Deltopectoral groove

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Finally the posterior deltoid is the head that usually gets neglected and is left to fend for itself. It takes its stimulation and work from auxiliary exercises done. Although this is the case, we have to consider that this lowly muscle is important in developing depth in the shoulder region. Without it, the shoulder will appear flat from the side and creates the whole “surfboard” bodybuilder look, wide but flat.

Underdeveloped posterior shoulders create a thin and round shouldered appearance but a well-rounded look of a champion requires a pump up of the posterior deltoids.

Deltoid work is complex. It requires a real study of each movement of every individual heads throughout the whole exercise. The unintentional bombing of the anterior head while trying to work the lateral head is usually caused by the wrong position and form of the elbows. Advertently observing in the mirror while working out and slightly shifting the angle to transfer the stress would help correct this.

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Doing it the Wrong Way, Getting the Wrong Weight!

Do you feel that almost everything you were doing to build muscle was dead wrong? Imagine all the time, money and efforts you have spent working out were contributing to muscle growth, the wrong way! There are a lot of muscle building errors that impedes the progress that you want. But don’t worry, like all other things in life, muscle building is also a trial and error and a learning process.

We cannot only learn from our personal experiences but as well as from the mistakes of seasoned trainers who walked before us. Below are the three biggest and worst ways to building muscles. Try to erase these mistakes from your system and you will be a notch closer to earning the beach body you’ve been waiting for.

Skipping Out On Your Cardio
Even if you are the skinniest of skinny and your goal is to achieve maximal muscle gain it is important that cardiovascular exercises are part of your program. An aerobic form of exercise plays a vital role in building muscle and has been shown to speed up recovery from weight training by transporting oxygen and blood flow to the muscles. Doing weight training is almost useless for stimulating your cardiovascular system.

The circulatory system is developed because more oxygen is pushed through your blood resulting in a greater number and size of blood vessels. Since there is a greater cardiovascular density of blood vessels, your circulatory system has more ‘supply routes’ to shuttle oxygen and nutrients to the body tissues, including muscles, and shuttle away waste products that can slow muscle growth, repair and recovery. In the end, this means you will create a more optimal environment for building muscle!

Overtraining the Biceps and Triceps
It is a common sight in gyms to see small and weak dudes spending a full hour doing every biceps and triceps exercise imaginable. They do set-after-set, week-after-week with nothing to show but the same skinny noodle arms. What they don’t know is that for maximum muscle growth and strength, the biceps and triceps require very little direct stimulation!

If you want to yield good results, try to focus the majority of your training on the large muscle groups namely chest, back, shoulders and legs. Focus on increasing the strength and size in these big muscle groups and rest assured, building muscle in your arms will become easier.

Not Focusing On Getting Stronger
“Building muscle will almost always follow if you simply focus on getting stronger, I mean getting really stronger.” Unfortunately, training to get stronger seems to no longer be a part of the average trainees’ training regime. The stronger you become the more sets and reps you will be able to lift for more specialized movements.

The better your technique, the faster the recovery provided, the longer and harder you will be able to train. By getting stronger from week to week, muscle mass will sure follow thereafter. If you really want to build muscle fast – safely and naturally, you’ll have to make sure that you’re avoiding these three common bodybuilding no-nos.

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Anabolism and Catabolism Definition

Anabolism is a state of the body where tissues within the human body obtain energy for growth and maintenance. Anabolism requires energy to occur, unlike catabolism, which actually provides the energy source for the anabolic state to take place. This process is driven forward by energy from tiny oxidized chemical strands produced by its opposite, catabolism or the breaking down of larger food molecules into smaller energy sources.

To better visualize this molecular process, imagine a single sphere entering the body. Upon entry this single sphere is broken down into smaller spheres through the process of digestion. After one has endured physical exercise or work, these smaller spheres are then absorbed by muscles and rebuilt into the original single sphere. The balance of these two processes enables the body to maintain healthy, normal physical function.

In order to achieve an anabolic state, the body must consume a source of energy. Foods and supplements are helpful nutrients which prepare the muscle tissue to receive the said energy. But there are instances when individuals do not consume enough food. This imbalance leads to a higher rate of catabolism in the body which ultimately harms healthy muscle and body tissue after extended periods of time. In extreme cases of self starvation, the body begins to deplete its essential and healthy fat deposits along with muscle tissue in order to survive.

If human beings were able to maintain a constant state of pure anabolism, every being would probably have humungous and ripped muscle mass on every region of their bodies. There are cases wherein professional sport athletes use anabolic inducing drugs or supplements that reinforce food energy and protein absorption into muscle tissue. These individuals have been caught, suspended or penalized.

Anabolism helps people achieve their fitness goals. It does not only help muscle tissue grow and maintain a healthy state but also increases bone density. To better meet the energy-needy areas within the human body, proper diet and exercise remain of high importance. People who are more physically active generally need more energy in order to counteract the catabolic state. Some forms of exercise actually break down muscle tissue and release hormones that further act to deplete energy storage. On the other hand, people who want to lose weight, gain muscle or maintain a desirable physique all similarly benefit from consuming nutrient dense foods before and after physical activity. This fuels the body with energy which aims to reach muscle tissue.

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