Pump-bol Glycerin Based Preworkout Supplement


Similar to many other pump supplements that are glycerin-based, PUMP BOL is a hit or miss. But, oftentimes, it has a successful hit rate. If you want to have SuperPump MAX that does not contain stimulants, then PUMP-BOL is right for you.

This also does not contain proprietary formula. It is also a good mix of nitrates although it does not contain so much. The nitrates will definitely aid with the pumps but it does not really contain sufficient amount just like NO3 Chrome or Yok3d. But that is fine because this supplement is all about GlyceroPhosphates inside.

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The new content that you see in this supplement is Palitinose, which is a sugar replacement. It is still considered as carbohydrates and is completely digested but it has a very low glycemic load since it takes slow to digest in the small intestine thereby causing the blood sugar to increase and crash.

This supplement is still worthy to consider because of the maltodextrin it contains.

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Omega Sports Ultima Preworkout Supplement Review

Omega Sports Ultima

There are some big differences between Ultima and other products.

Ultima is considered as more of a traditional supplement taken before a workout that does not contain stimulants. While the two others are for the purpose of pumps, Ultima has other purposes like long term muscle development with its creatine content and mental focus.

It’s more of a liquid form of MuscleTech NeuroCore with additional main ingredients and 5 grams of carbohydrates without the crazy stimulants. It practically does not contain any ingredient that is not likeable. The best ones for mental stimulation are DMAE, Acetyl L Tyrosine and PEA. For the muscles, the beta alanine and creatine mix will always take you to the right direction.

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Thus, if you want a stimulant free focus, this is your best option. But, if you prefer pumps, consider the other two. If you desire both focus and pumps, combine this supplement with NO3 mentioned earlier in this article.

This is sort of a kitchen sink supplement that does not contain propriety formula. If you are that interested, check each of its ingredients and find out how it can help. But, propriety formulas are no considered old school.

Thank you to Omega Sports for this!

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Best-Stimulant-Free Pre-Workout Powders

There are simply not enough products that are worth mentioning in this category except for these three. Each item is totally different from each other as two have various styles of pumps and one is a stimulant free focus supplement. Because of this, the ranking of the three supplements do not matter.

Yes, NO-Xplode and Cytosport Fast Twitch have variants that are free of caffeine. However, those are incomparable to what you are about to know with the three undoubtedly best powders available out there:

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First is Hemavol.This is transforming the game. You get ridiculous pumps from your workout if you take this that you will surely forget that you do are not taking any stimulants. Also, it contains some real great ingredients.

First, it has 1000 mg of agmatine, a substance described in the pill section earlier. This new compound also functions as converter of nitric oxide in an extremely increased rate that is far higher than equal arginine amounts.

Second, citrulline malate, which is contained in many products mentioned in this article. It is a natural arginine pre-cursor, which will aid you produce NO as well.

Third is glycerol monostearate, a cell hydrator that provides water together with other nutrients in your muscles. This is the reason why the product is termed plasma volumizer.

Finally, there is the taste. If you remember lemonheads while growing up, this supplement tastes like it. Even if you are not fond of sour lemony ingredients, you will still love it because it is so good. It can even be considered the best tasting supplement mentioned in this entire page.

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Nitrix Preworkout Supplement Review

Nitrix Supplement
This section will not be complete without talking about BSN’s Nitrix! This is one of the first pump pills that has been close the top and has stayed there for more than a decade. This truly has a staying power.

There are so many pre-workout pills that contain arginine. They easily come and quickly go. You can try any of the many available ones but Nitrix remains because it works and is fully trusted by many.

In terms of ingredients, it contains 2 forms of L-citrulline, arginine and a little of beta alanine and creatine. It also has some electrolytes which probably makes this a good product to use in lowering blood pressure in an affordable way.

You can take this for the whole day and it will be affordable on your part while staying pumped throughout the day.This may be something that you may want to consider for a change of pace.

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Yok3D Preworkout Supplement Review


This supplement is a winner of all other usual supplements that contains L-arginine because it also has arginine nitrate. But, the drawback of this supplement is that it contains fewer nitrates for every serving and it supporting ingredients are not yet fully proven for their effectiveness. But, its main benefit is that it is affordable.

Using Yok3d with Jack3d is a great combination if you want to take stimulants. Jack3d brings plenty of energy compared to pumps. While Yok3d obviously provides more pumps than energy. You will not find a better supplement that will match the power of the combination of these two.

Not a lot of companies are presently licensed to utilize arginine nitrate. Thus if you want to purchase it, you need to use these two products. There is also a dash in one of the stimulant free powdered pre-workout supplement known as ThermoLife PUMP-BOL. However, its power is not enough to impress many just like the two products above.

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1MR Pre Workout Supplement Review

1MR (The Original Version)

1MR just recently reformulated to get rid of 1,3 Dimethylamylamine in its ingredients.

But, the original formula containing 1,3 is still available. This product truly has every legit stimulant that is available out there. It contains 300 mg of Caffeine, yerba mate, guarana and 1,3 dimethylamylamine. Moreover, it also has grape seed and wine seed extract.

Aside from this, it also has its focus enhancing content in the form of N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine and Schizandra A, ingredients that were popularized by the famous and leading supplement named Jack 3d. Many love this as it works better then L-Tyrosine alone.

If you can’t take 300 milligrams of caffeine, do not take this supplement. However, if you need more and do not feel like lowering your doses to reset yourself, then the original 1MR is perfect for you.

But, do not expect a lot in pumps unless you decide to have the new formula that does not contain 1,3 because this brings more ingredients for muscle pumps.

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APS Mesomorph Pre Workout Supplement Review

APS Mesomorph

APS is no ordinary product! It does not only contain the standard ingredients you expect from a supplement but it also has icarrin. This substance comes from the plant named “Horny Goat Weed” which you have most probably heard of. Basically, with the discovery of Viagra, it was also uncovered that this works on a lot of similar mechanisms as icarrin. That is, it is a real, natural and successful libido booster that people take advantage of.

Icarrin works by slowing down a blood flow- restricting enzyme named phosphodiesterase type 5. In effect, more blood starts to flow and therefore more pumps are created. This same effect works effectively in the treatment of erectile dysfunction disorder.

Aside from its blood flow enhancing effect, icarrin is also capable of restoring low levels of testosterone as shown in studies.

The combination of citrulline malate, beta alanine and AAKG gives a nice pump and with the inclusion of taurine and creatine, cell hydration and volumization is also stimulated.

Again, this is a serious product. The ingredients discussed above are evidence that it is no joke to take this. Its other stimulant content like 3 7 dihydro- 3 7 dimethyl- 1 h purine- 2 6-dione which equal to theobromine and works as a mild stimulant and vasolidator are not even discussed yet.

Emphasis is given however that this and the next supplement are not the right pre workout supplements if you are a beginner in supplement taking.

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Cellucor M5 Extreme Workout Supplement Review

Cellucor M5 Extreme

M5 Extreme is unique for several reasons. It has nitrates in the form of creatine nitrate for some wonderful pumps. But, its main ingredients responsible for muscle pump are arginine AKG or AAKG and citrulline malate. These two ingredients are loved by almost everyone.

Another reason why M5 Extreme is unique is that it is a new split canister that differentiates its components from the stimulants and those for muscle growth. Because of this, you can make your own pre-workout supplement and modify your stimulants to fit your needs. If you are sensitive to caffeine and are tired of using a half scoop of products since you are not getting the pumps that you need, then M5 is the perfect product for you.

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Also, Cellucor is a very transparent product without any propriety formulas. If you take it, you are aware that you will obtain 100mg of caffeine for every scoop which is also adjustable according to your preference. Its N-Acetyl L-Tyrosine content is great for focus. The additional mucuna pruriens is great as a growth hormone and for muscle recovery. Furthermore, rauwoliscine is perfect for fat burning.

Taking at least 2 scoops will give you 200 milligrams of caffeine, 4 grams of beta alanine, 6 grams of Leucine, 4 grams of creatine nitrate and 4 grams of AAKG. With all these ingredients, you truly have a very well balanced workout supplement.

Plus, Cellucor is continuously innovating to give the best products. This is the reason why half of their supplements are recommended in this page. However, M5 Extreme is one of their highly underrated products worth trying.

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Consider SuperPump MAX for a pre workout if you are looking for good blood pump.

This is the product for you if you do not want to take 1,3, do not want to have plenty of carbohydrates but you want to have a certain amount of energy and pump.

This is the successor of SuperPump 250, a supplement which was widely popular. However, with technological changes that came with different individual preferences, the experts at Gaspari found a means to surpass a supplement that is so difficult to beat.

This supplement does not contain arginine and is basically glycerin-based. Because of this content, the pumps it can give are definitely better. It is a great change from anything with arginine because you can always put more AAKG if you really prefer it. However, it would not be needed because this supplement can give you the pumps that you need.

High doses of taurine and traces of BCAAs like leucine are included in this supplement which makes it an entirely great product!

Also, it contains caffeine only in right amounts that is why it decreases the chance of crashing. Its dose of caffeine is just sufficient to keep you going because the pumps are the ones that do the other work.

The flavor of this supplement is strong so be ready for it. But the reviews of this product are certainly great.
Finally, this product contains maltodextrin in very small and tolerable amounts that is why you will not feel sick when taking it.

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