The New White Flood

White Flood is a product of Controlled Labs. It has always been a popular supplement because of its lack of creatine which leaves more chance for energy. Its new formula has been very popular in terms of energy and taste. Although the use of a beet root extract has been done before, the current amount is a great discovery because it is amazing and very effective.

Instead of using arginine to create pumps, citurlline has been used as a substitute. But, most people are satisfied with the results since they know that using the supplement will give them the energy and focus that they need.

The best ingredients of white flood are the beet root, vinpocetine and caffeine. Aside from this, a new ingredient that is not contained in other supplements is sugar cane. This is extracted from octacosanol, a substance that is scientifically proven to strengthen endurance. Many have not heard of this ingredient but it surely works in increasing the V02 max needed for lifting and endurance sports.

The reviews for this supplement are a bit mixed. Most people love the taste of White Flood lemonade but there are also those who surprisingly do not like it at all. To address this problem, Controlled labs created supplements that majority of people like even if it meant creating risky flavors such as watermelon.
The minimal creatine content of white flood is good since many people do not want to obtain their creatine apart from their pre or post workout. Moreover, the amount of creatine in most workout supplements is not clearly specified.

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