Nitrix Supplement
This section will not be complete without talking about BSN’s Nitrix! This is one of the first pump pills that has been close the top and has stayed there for more than a decade. This truly has a staying power.

There are so many pre-workout pills that contain arginine. They easily come and quickly go. You can try any of the many available ones but Nitrix remains because it works and is fully trusted by many.

In terms of ingredients, it contains 2 forms of L-citrulline, arginine and a little of beta alanine and creatine. It also has some electrolytes which probably makes this a good product to use in lowering blood pressure in an affordable way.

You can take this for the whole day and it will be affordable on your part while staying pumped throughout the day.This may be something that you may want to consider for a change of pace.

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