Similar to many other pump supplements that are glycerin-based, PUMP BOL is a hit or miss. But, oftentimes, it has a successful hit rate. If you want to have SuperPump MAX that does not contain stimulants, then PUMP-BOL is right for you.

This also does not contain proprietary formula. It is also a good mix of nitrates although it does not contain so much. The nitrates will definitely aid with the pumps but it does not really contain sufficient amount just like NO3 Chrome or Yok3d. But that is fine because this supplement is all about GlyceroPhosphates inside.

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The new content that you see in this supplement is Palitinose, which is a sugar replacement. It is still considered as carbohydrates and is completely digested but it has a very low glycemic load since it takes slow to digest in the small intestine thereby causing the blood sugar to increase and crash.

This supplement is still worthy to consider because of the maltodextrin it contains.

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