This supplement is a winner of all other usual supplements that contains L-arginine because it also has arginine nitrate. But, the drawback of this supplement is that it contains fewer nitrates for every serving and it supporting ingredients are not yet fully proven for their effectiveness. But, its main benefit is that it is affordable.

Using Yok3d with Jack3d is a great combination if you want to take stimulants. Jack3d brings plenty of energy compared to pumps. While Yok3d obviously provides more pumps than energy. You will not find a better supplement that will match the power of the combination of these two.

Not a lot of companies are presently licensed to utilize arginine nitrate. Thus if you want to purchase it, you need to use these two products. There is also a dash in one of the stimulant free powdered pre-workout supplement known as ThermoLife PUMP-BOL. However, its power is not enough to impress many just like the two products above.

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